Before FAQ

TRP: Before – THE FAQ


Even though this may look like other islands you’ve been on, the Ragnarok map is called “Dorado” this season. It is a place where every character is travelling to for the first time. You cannot be native here. The world we’ve set our lore in is huge and open, meaning you can invent your own islands somewhere in the world which no one would have heard of. We have kept the lore vague, but with enough details to allow everyone to have talking points from the get-go. Have questions? Just throw them in our Discord’s ARK general channel if they’re not answered here.


Death is part of our lore. There’s some weird, mysterious force on the island of Dorado that allows you to return from the dead, but not as a zombie. If you have other means of being revived, e.g. an Undead might just be resummoned, or a Flobble regrown, you can do that instead. Every time your character dies, they’ll feel off and strange, and lose all memories as per the new life rule (15 minutes – entire encounter).


Your character’s action, story, new races, etc, will impact what we change in the world going forward. We’ll have a continuous story that will span across seasons. This is season one. So, for example, if you’re a tribe that makes a huge impact, your tribe might specifically be named in our next season’s lore. If you invent a popular race, or play a bunch, we may feature it as an official one with your permission.


We’ll be doing a few server events during the season which will have story behind them. They’re not scripted outcomes, and the choices you make are entirely yours – think Dungeons & Dragons. You can choose to kill all of the NPCs in a castle attack, or capture one and interrogate him. Your choices affect the next event.


We’ve taken out the simple pistol, double barrel, longneck, and anything of higher tek than the smithy. This is a test, and we may put those weapons back in midseason. We’ve removed some dinos, e.g. the Leeds, for a more fun experience. Trebuchets should also be tested heavily yourselves before you use them for siege – if you destroy a lot of someone’s base because you’re bad with a trebuchet, that’ll be a rule break.