Beyond FAQ

Struggling to come up with a character? Here are some prompts:

  • Explorers from a distant world, doesn’t have to be Earth.
  • Alien races who have studied the ARKs and now must understand this broken one.
  • Alien races who seek domination over the installation.
  • Think about aliens from Mass Effect, Star Wars, Star Trek; humanoids who have their own set culture, and aren’t necessarily seeking domination.
  • A military force.
  • Space pirates/bounty hunters.
  • Mutants.
  • Robots.
  • Creatures who were birthed on the ARK – be it from the meteor, or maybe they evolved from generations of their species living on the ARK pre-meteor.
  • Descendents of the humans who lived on the ARK pre-meteor.
  • Space travellers looking for a home.
  • Those who might have been captured/sent to the ARK recently. The ARK could have been designed to continously, throughout time, collect “life samples”.
  • Maybe there were pods on the ARK and yours only just opened, after eons in cyrosleep.
  • You drifted and crash landed here.
  • Hybrid races, e.g. half tiger/half man, half fish-half man. Mutated from the radiation.
  • Company employees, sent to establish a foothold.
  • Scientists, sent to discover.
  • An adventurer/storyteller.
  • New world, new government? Maybe you want to establish law and order.
  • Sent by a home world government, e.g. Russian force.
  • Maybe you hate technology, going back to basics.
  • Look at your favourite sci-fi shows/films and find a faction from them, mold it into your own idea.

This is the most sci-fi expansion/map yet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow that genre. TwitchRP will always be open to all genres of role-play; here are some ideas to help mold it all together:

  • Knights, Vikings, or soldiers of old. People out of time, and outside of their comfort zone.
  • Creatures like vampires, werewolves etc. – maybe you evolved on the ARK, maybe you were just collected like other humans in times before.
  • Any race from our Factions season; you can go fantasy – think Warhammer, how they have space Elves/Orcs.
  • Some type of monster hunter.

Where can I find the mod list for Beyond?
Right here!