Beyond: Genesis FAQ

TRP Beyond: Genesis – THE FAQ

Wasn’t TwitchRP Beyond already a thing?

The name, yes! But never the concept. We’ve revamped it into a continuously adapting season, much like TwitchRP Before. This is our sci-fi equivalent to our fantasy seasons. This will be known as TwitchRP Beyond Season One.

What race can I be?

Anything you want! As always, we will not restrict you from much. The only thing you cannot be is a synthetic splicer – the entirety of the lore is based around what happened when someone perfected that nearly impossible formula.

You can be a normal Human, a cyborg, partially cybernetic, a full-on robot, a synthetic. Invent your own species that evolved through splicing, invent your own species created by a terraforming obelisk, an alien that fits into society, etc. The possibilities are endless and entirely up to you. Design any race or colony you like!

What is this business with the implant?

We wanted to end the age vs level debate once and for all! It never made sense to call a newly hatched baby 100+ years old and it equally lacked immersion to mention levels without any basis beyond the video game. The numbers the implant shows are now canon. Health, melee, etc. is now a calculation made by the implant to inform the owner how effective they/their tames are.

Name-tagging dinos/buildings/players and using tribe logs for info is still strictly against the rules and metagaming. This purely refers to dino stats and your own stats, e.g. “I’m feeling good, my health is reading in at 380 out of 390. Not too scratched up” or “Wow! That’s a strong Rex you’ve got there, evo level 120?”

You can still read someone’s name from their implant and use that info IC though, e.g. if you find them asleep in their home, open their inventory, check their implant and see their name is “Steve”, that’s fine!

Can I build anywhere?

Nearly anywhere! Please do not build in the city or just outside of it. Especially do not set up any turrets to block people from getting in etc. We are unable to turn off building inside the city, but we will demolish any buildings in there or ones that are too close to the city (within turret distance).

The reason behind this is that everyone wants a spot in the city, but that’ll just lead to lag. It’ll also block off a lot of spawns! Best to leave it for drop hunting and events.

This is an entirely new map and so resources will be sparse in some areas as developments are made. If you come across resource nodes, e.g. metal/crystals/gems, please do not build on their spawns! We will ask you to move if there was no alternative.

Can I be from Project Genesis?

No! The disaster happened nearly a millennium ago. Much like Dorado, we’re arriving here for the first time. No one knows what happened to those in the city – that’s what we’re here to find out!

Feel free to be from any of the three core planets or a far-off colony. You can invent your own colonies, companies, and corporations with their own ideologies, cultures, etc. Also, Prototype Industries and DarwinCorp are so big that it’s okay to say you work for them and still go against others who also do, as the companies compete within themselves.

Are splicers and robots at war?

No. Some colonies might war against one another, but the cold war is mostly through corporations competing. Often, splicers will disagree with cyber lovers – it wouldn’t be uncommon for someone in the field of robotics to chastise splicers for their mutants, and equally for a splicer to do the same to those in the field of robotics for rogue machines.

How your character feels is entirely up to you! It’s common for the two to fundamentally disagree, but that doesn’t make them enemies. They’re not the only things in the galaxy, either.

How did I get to the map?

Teleportation, travelling via a ship, whatever means you want! As long as you’re arriving for the first time on season launch. The planet where Project Genesis is set, Meliorem, is considered one of – if not the – furthest planet away from Terra. It’s a long journey.

Can I be a CEO/main character?

You cannot be related to any of the named characters of the lore or be the leader of any named companies. If you invent your own corporation, you most certainly can be! You could even be president of your own colony elsewhere.

Do you have server events planned?

Three at least! All surrounding the mystery of the abandoned city and why Alfred and Godfrey left all those years ago.

What is the alternate reality concept?

Though we mentioned doppelgangers, we’re hoping we don’t see any. Consider this a reset of the lore. If you want to play an old character that you’ve played for years, this is an alternate reality version of that character. They can act entirely the same, speak the same, and have a very similar past with one exception – all previous seasons of ARK don’t really exist in this canon lore. If you, Bob, and your friend, Bill, always play together and have had characters in numerous seasons together, as long as you ask your friend, you can still know each other!

The point of this is to give people a chance to play some of their favourite characters without being bogged down by previous seasons. This means if you have played a character who is known for being evil, people cannot remember that unless you allow them. This gives you the chance to start anew or even change up the character without getting rid of the name/voice.

We put doppelgangers into the lore so you can explain awkward situations where you might run into this – you cannot kill doppelgangers on sight though! But it isn’t considered evil to kill and free a doppelganger, just role-play it out or maybe have them arrested/executed.

When in doubt, just ask someone if you’ve ever met them before – let them decide!