Are you ready to go … Beyond?

When the ARKs were first discovered by humanity, our technology increased beyond imagination. We watched, observed, and sometimes intervened. The installations acted like amber, preserving life in a timeless capsule. Vicious vikings collided with exploring astronauts; humanoids of then unknown races emerged, each studied or studying. We do not know who created the ARKs, so all we can do is hazard a guess at their purpose. The stations are almost impossible to damage, powered by shields from the core of each ARK, and encased in a near impenetrable alloy. One would have to journey inside, disable the installation, and then create an incredible force to even break through the outer casing. We imagine those who designed them thought they were faultless. We – and they – were wrong.

Station X-344, colloquially known as ‘Aberration’, is the sore thumb of the creators. We have deduced that the power went off eons ago, just in time for a meteor to crash through the dome, flooding the installation with the vacuum of space. When we found it, we expected to find zero traces of life. Once again, we were wrong. At first, we detected traces of life from the meteor itself. Now broken on the surface, the wide variety of bacteria it hosted evolved into an assortment of species, including humanoids. We were astounded, amazed, and confused at our discoveries. We could not begin to fathom what we found next – countless subterranean networks and caverns, teeming with life.

Earth, like many other worlds, must always prove themselves the eager explorer. Numerous companies of ludicrous wealth, governments, adventurers, and space station veterans journey to the broken installation in search of new discoveries, new opportunities, and new homes to claim. There was a time when we revelled in our ability to land on Earth’s Moon, when we celebrated the first Mars landing, the Uranus expedition, and the Pluto Party of 2169 (which most of us were too intoxicated to remember). Now, we face the greatest challenge yet, to boldly go where no one known has gone before, to journey into the most rebellious nature we have ever encountered. We will face others like us, we will face aliens, we will face creatures of nightmare. Never did we think it was possible that life could survive under such extreme cirumstances, but in the coming weeks, we will be reminded of President Goldblum’s famous words – life finds a way.