Factions Locations

Important Factions Locations: Learn the Land!

Here are Ragnarok’s Factions!

Factions Overview

The Freefolk’s capital is located at 21.1/82.8, according to the in-game GPS. The closest spawn is Highlands NE. The Wildlands capital is located at 34.1/73.9; its closest spawn is Highlands E.

The Lands of the Freefolk

This map of the flatlands most accurately shows the border between the Kingdom of Eledor and the Wildlands. The Kingdom’s capital is located at 41.6/28.9 according to the in-game GPS; the closest spawns are Swamp and Canyon 1.

The flatlands between the Kingdom of Eledor and the Wildlands

The contested zone is home to the Mines of Corth, which will be open to attack throughout the season. The faction who controls and successfully defends it for a week will reap rewards!

The Contested Zone

The neutral zone is considered the Valley of Spirits; no one usually inhabits this area. It is considered a holy place for meeting between factions and tribes. Most would consider it sacrilege to build here. [Bear in mind that being neutral means you will not be able to participate in server events, and that by week 2, the neutral zone will be taken over by one of the factions!]

The middle of the map