The Factions

Welcome to Factions!

The new season of ARK is introducing something entirely different. TwitchRP has existed for nearly two years and we’ve always been one for trying new, refreshing ideas. ‘Factions’ is a territory based fantasy war themed season. When you join, you can choose to join any of the three Factions, each with their own races and bordered land. All three are quite different in culture and theme, but game mechanics they’re exactly the same. We will not limit engrams, dinosaurs or buildings. We have always believed in creative freedom and we wouldn’t want to limit the game in any way. What we are doing, however, is rewarding people for joining a Faction (see FAQ for more details).
You’re entering into the world of Ragnarok, a map filled with an already ongoing conflict. There is no good or evil Faction. There’s all your familiar fantasy races fighting for domination of the map. Be whoever you want, join whoever you want and may the greatest Faction win.

Part 1: Who are the three Factions?


  • The Kingdom of Eledor
  • The Wildlands
  • Freefolk
    For the past year, the island has been in a state of constant warfare. Only recently, a vicious storm decimated most of the land. Though some believe it was a sign of the Gods, disappointed in the bickering and fighting, most push aside such thoughts and focus on one thing: rebuilding for war.

    Kingdom of Eledor

    A thriving Kingdom in times past, Eledor stretched over most of the island under the rule of King Willem. Though the Kingdom has always had Human rulers, many other races occupy its nation. Elven woods, Dwarven mines, and Halfling hovels litter the land; all three races working in unison with the Humans. In the time of King Willem, other races also lived among them. Orcs and Giants were often enslaved or paid poorly, their strength made them great for manual labour. Goblins were treated like vermin and Vampires were hunted in the dead of night. Not all Humans were cruel to the ‘lesser creatures’, but few ever spoke out. Various religions spawned during the Kingdom’s thousand year reign; cultures grew and blossomed as well. The Kingdom was never in any real danger, the Wildlander tribes were never a real threat – always fighting among one another. All was well until the king died.
    Death works in mysterious ways. You could be killed one hundred times, but yet always return. Most did not risk it. Though some might die fifty times and still resurrect, most did not make it into double digits. There was one believed to be immortal, King Willem the Undying. Seven hundred deaths he was said to have had and the Wildlanders feared him. Always the first into battle, he did not fear death. During a small raid in the Flatlands, he was pierced with a spear. The Kingdom returned victorious and awaited their king’s resurrection. Three days passed before they realized he wasn’t coming back. The lands went into disarray. The irony of King Willem was that though he was said to never die, he also could not give birth to life – he was infertile. There was no apparent heir. The Wildlanders grew bold, some tribes even began raiding together. To make matters worse, an Orc name Grongar broke free from his shackles and raised a rebellion in the capital city. He led his people east, and any other outcast race that would follow, past the Ashen Lands and into what he referred to as the Fields of Freedom.
    A year to the day, a storm washed away most of the lands structures. Many people perished in the waves. All three Factions are rebuilding and preparing for war. The Kingdom must return to its former glory if it ever hopes of standing a chance against the beasts of the East and the wilds of the South.


    What races are in the Kingdom?

    The Kingdom is home to all of the races, though some are considered greater than others. Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and Halflings the most common. The ‘lesser races’ of Orc, Goblin, Vampire, and Giant are few and far between. Some still fear or treat them with suspicion for the actions of Grongar, others still value their labour and aid. Though, most ‘lesser races’ never truly feel free under the Kingdom’s rule.

    Who is the new leader?

    With no apparent heir, it could be anyone. A rising champion who wins the heart of the people, a rich noble with money to fund a new army or perhaps even a classic Excalibur story? Whatever the people decide! Will a new tyrant rise to power? Or will a hero lead the Kingdom forward?

    What kind of tribes would belong in this Faction?

    Merchants, warriors, knights, mercenaries, miners, farmers, noble families, soldiers, and whatever else fits your fancy. The Kingdom would be home to any and all sorts of tribes, guilds, and groups. You’re unlikely to find nomadic tribes among them, unless you’re Elves or a travelling circus.

    How might they react to the others?

    Wildlanders: Raiders who, for as long as the people of the Eledor have known, have ransacked, pillaged and killed their people. Parents would frighten their children with stories of them, farmers would hire guards to protect themselves from raids and it’s a widely known fact that some Wildlander tribes even perform cannibalism. The Kingdom’s oldest enemy.
    The Freefolk: To the Kingdom, they’re not just freedom fighters, they’re terrorists. They did not rebel quietly. Thousands died, and those who resurrected died again, during the uprising. Many of the Freefolk grew bloodthirsty and vicious. They’re one more threat to the safety of everyone in the Eledor. They may refer to themselves as Freefolk, but the Kingdom mostly remembers them for being monsters.

    The Wildlands

    The people of the South do not fear the cold; they embrace it. The South is home to the coldest winters, the most devastating weather and some of the most vicious creatures. The Redwoods, rightly named the Deadwoods by its locals, is a proving ground for most tribes. The Coldwinter Ridge should not be inhabitable by Humans, but the Wildlanders defy nature. They universally value strength, wisdom and the will to survive. The Wildlander tribes are never two the same. Some are shamanistic, performing rituals to appease their Gods. Others are in a constant urge to adapt. Many tribes worship different deities, finding various ways to worship them. Blood & flesh sacrifices, feats of strength & endurance and even trophies of war. Not all tribes are primitive, some value literacy and discovery. Adventure is often sought by those of the South.
    If there is one thing that all tribes have in common, it is realizing the need for war. Some long for it whereas others see it as a necessity of survival. The Kingdom, and now Freefolk, prosper in their green worlds. They greed over their belongings, never satisfied with what they have. Wildlanders take what they need and, most often, whatever they want. Whoever they want. War amongst themselves is not uncommon. Tribes overreaching with their land, stealing the tames or kills of other tribes and even the smallest of conflicts has lead to battle. It is due to one of these conflicts that the Wildlanders lost one of their only fertile lands to the Freefolk. The Kingdom had always been an unstoppable force, a bear to be poked but never awoken. Since the fall of the king, the bear has grown old. Grown weak. The Kingdom is ripe for the taking. The Freefolk have no order, no discipline and are even more disjointed than the Wildlanders themselves.
    The storm hit the South the hardest, but they were resilient. They were prepared. Sound the horns, brothers and sisters of the cold, unite under one banner, rebuild your homes and war machines and finally show the Island what the name of Ragnarok really means. To their deaths. To victory. To war.

    What races are in the Wildlands?

    Humans are the vast majority. Any species that isn’t Human is often treated like any other creature there, even if they’re able to communicate. Some tribes might bring in any strong race, Half-breeds could be common due to raids, but any other race than Human must prove themselves tenfold. Humanity above all.

    Due to Wildlands being the least popular, we’re going to add a couple of races to help people even things out!

    Giants and Dwarves: Exiles/those who hate the Kingdom might have flocked to the Wildlands instead of the Freefolk. Due to Giants’ strength and the Dwarven ingenuity, the Wildlanders might be welcoming of these races more than any other. They would have to prove themselves, but most tribes wouldn’t find them as disgusting as all other races. Some might even be valued as highly as Humans. Giants and Dwarves of the Freefolk hate those of their kind who have chosen the Wildlands.

    Half-breeds: During raids, Wildlanders might take wives of different species, an old, gross practice of dominance that both the men and women performed. They might capture Orcs, Elves, Giants, Dwarves, and even Goblins, and make them into wives. The moment their child is born, they banish the wives and raise the children as one of their own. These half-breeds go through a ‘passage of trials’ when they reach their mid-teens. If they successfully survive, proving they’re more Human than their other race, they will be welcomed into the tribes. Some tribes do not allow this practice, others see it as a sign of power that they’re able to utilize the strengths of “lesser” creatures.
    We’re also looking at giving them a little more territory considering a lot of the snow is unlivable.

    Who is their leader?

    No single leader controls the tribes. Each tribe often has a commander or elder, but no one has yet to unite the South. Could this be your chance to? Will you make simple pacts with other tribes or will you band together under a council? Maybe even a king?

    What kind of tribes would belong in this Faction?


    How might they react to the others?

    The Kingdom of Eledor: Without their king, they’re weak. Every Wildlander tribe trains its people to fight and survive, but the civilians of the Kingdom are often farmers or simple folk, not worth the land they live on. Their knights may be a spectacle, but what are they without their armour? The South are wolves, the people of the Eledor are sheep.
    The Freefolk: Thieves and creatures. They came in force when they stole their land from under the southern tribes. Many tribes starved and splintered from the onslaught. As bad, if not worse, than the Kingdom. At least the Kingdom never tried to take their lands. Worse yet, there are few Humans among them. The South is the true home of free folk, not these pretenders. They will pay for their actions with their lives. The Gods of the South have set a new challenge on the island and the Wildlanders yearn to appease them.

    The Freefolk

    There isn’t an Orc, Goblin or Giant that can recall a time where they were not the bottom of the barrel. A time where they could speak out for themselves. A time where they were not treated like monsters. Orcs were noble creatures in their own right. Strong, powerful and quick learners. As resilient and unpredictable as Humans. Ever changing, ever growing. They were savage at heart and much of it was suppressed under the heel of Humanity. Showing aggression only led to their deaths. Giants were never known to be smart creatures, but they were more powerful than any other. They were a spectacle for arena games and children would flee at the sight of them. Goblins were treated like vermin, which sounds harsh, but it was mostly fair. Their greed and gluttony couldn’t be matched and gambling was practically a hereditary trait. Yet, never once were they praised for their ingenuity. Dwarves would find tough competition if pitted against a Goblin. But Dwarves were easier on the eye. Most Vampires had no choice in their succession. They were rare because they chose to be, a Vampire turning a Human was considered the highest of gifts among their people. Though all of these races were different, they all shared one thing in common – they were shackled, often literally.
    Three weeks after the king’s untimely death, an Orc named Grongar was ordered to lift one too many logs. He walked up to his Dwarven foreman and drove an axe into his belly. Liberating the other Orcs came easily. No one had expected an uprising. He went from camp to camp, raising his numbers and cutting down the minimal guards left to watch over them. Word spread quickly throughout the Kingdom, but they were too slow to react. By the time Grongar had reached the capital, his army was numbered nearly a thousand. The stories of his prowess in battle quickly spread from town to town, even perking the ears of other lowly creatures. Towns closed their gates, traders made for the borders and the armies of Eledor were slow to muster. By the time they eventually did, it was too late. The giants had agreed to stand with Grongar and other races fell in line. Entire villages were drained of blood by Vampires, Giants rode creatures equal to their name and Goblins… well, they still gambled. They did take the time to string up and gut as many Halflings as they could, only because they thought it’d be funny. The Halflings were never outwardly cruel to them.
    Grongar knew they had the element of surprise and the Humans would eventually overwhelm them. Fearing extinction, he spoke of a place to the east, a land spoken of to be the birthing place of the Orcs. A promised land. He lead his people toward it. They battled the Wildlanders for the terrain and Grongar lost his life doing so. Most races named the lands the Fields of Freedom, but to the Orcs, it would be known as Grongoria. Their actions did not come without a cost. Taking the area from the Wildlanders angered them greatly and the Kingdom would never forgive them for the lives they had taken. The Freefolk were leaderless, but they knew they had to become something to fear in order to survive. They had to become monsters.


    What races are in the Freefolk?

    Orcs, Goblins, Giants and Vampires are the most common. Other races can be found. Exiled folk and outcasts. Though, many treat them how they see them, former slave masters. Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Halflings would find it hard living among these newly found people.

    Who is their leader?

    Without Grongar, they’re lost. They need a leader to unite them. With so many different races and cultures, it will be difficult to come under one ruler. Grongar offered freedom, but what can a new leader/leaders provide? A strong, divided people. Do you have what it takes?

    What kind of tribes would belong in this Faction?

    Exiled people, Orcish tribes, Goblin merchants/guilds, Vampire nobility or even just outcasts. This is a new world for these people. A year in the making.

    How might they react to the others?

    The Kingdom of Eledor: Many of them were slaves in the Kingdom. Many others found trouble there. Going back to how things were is a hell to never be considered. Even if the Kingdom had promised equality, they know it would not truly exist. They were free from their rule and judgement. Most shared the common belief that the Kingdom should fall for its countless actions against their people. The uprising had renewed a bloodthirsty urge for war in the Freefolk and who better a target to unleash it upon?
    The Wildlanders: They had no love for the savages of the South. In the Kingdom, they at least had food, beds and some warmth; The Wildlanders only promised them death. They despised their races more than any other. The Wildlanders treated hunting their kinds like a sport. If the Freefolk wished to survive in this new world, the Wildlanders must be eradicated and never trusted.