Factions FAQ

I have questions that are not answered here, where should I go?
The TwitchRP Discord. Ask in ARK General or throw a direct message to Joefudge! He’ll be adding new ones here.

What is the point in Factions?
We’ve never tried adding a theme to TwitchRP until now. After nearly two years of running the server, we thought it would be a good chance to try something entirely new. Fantasy has always had a place in our hearts; most people play Fantasy races in our primitive seasons. Factions also allows every single player, old and new, to be involved in the season wide major narrative. No one is excluded.

How do I join a Faction?
It isn’t a game mechanic, it’s as simple as where you build. When you join the server, create whatever character you want and then simply head to your favorite Faction’s capital building. These server as the welcome center for the season. Build within their territory (refer to the maps) and you’ll be a part of them. From there, it is up to you to make friends with your neighbours.

What benefit is there to being in a Faction?
Day one, the Faction will be given a Quetzel to help ease all of their farming. They can decide among themselves who gets to use it first. We also plan to give more payouts to Factions throughout the season. It’s also the only way to participate in the King of the Mines event. Neutrals can’t join in. You’ll be a part of the major ongoing role-play and you’ll be defended by your entire nation. But simply, why miss out? Join in on the fun!

Can I join any Faction as any race?
Yes! But be warned that some will be prejudice towards you. Be sure to read up on the races to see what races usually fit into each Faction. Orcs were enslaved under the Kingdom’s rule and the Wildlanders usually hate anything that isn’t Human. We won’t restrict you though, just don’t expect to be treated equally if you’re a Human in the Freefolk or a Goblin in the Kingdom.

What days can we attack the Mines/Contested Territory?
Two days a week is what we’re hoping for. It won’t start until the end of the first week though!

Is this a PvP season?
NO! Not directly. It’s RP-PvP, just as the server has always been. Can you be raided? Sure! But that’s the same way it has always been. If anything, you’re more protected this season.

Is this a primitive season? Or a Tek season?
Factions will be a primitive season! Not the Primitive Plus total conversion mod, but TRP’s own version of primitive. Engrams will be limited (you’ll still have longnecks and shotguns!) and quality will be limited to apprentice.

Can I be neutral?
You can, sure, but there’s a few issues. You won’t get to join in on the server events and it doesn’t protect you from anything. For example, an entire Faction could attack you for slighting their leader. We really suggest joining one because the idea is pointless without most people being in a Faction. Also, halfway into the season, you’ll be pushed to pick a side as the neutral zone becomes contested.

Are all Factions in a single tribe or many small ones?
Many small ones! If you want to role-play a farmer living in the Kingdom, you can. They’ll protect you. Work together between tribes. You’re not required to be in an Alliance, all the patriotism can be role-played. The capital buildings will be in posession of the tribe’s leader. Your Faction’s land is determined by invisible borders.

Who are the tribe leaders?
All determined in role-play. Whoever you want them to be. Anyone can lead the Factions. A dictator, an elected member, a King or even a council of leaders. You should meet with your neighbours and discuss these things. It’s likely the Kingdom will have a king though!

Can I build in other Faction’s land?
You can, but expect to be attacked for it. Each Faction has a vast amount of land and plenty for dozens of tribes to choose between. Live in your own borders to minimize damages!

Can I play an unlisted race?
Yes! Just don’t expect anyone from the land to recognise you. You could play a squibbly-swob or a poopy-doo if you want, the islanders of Ragnarok have never met them though.

Can I bring a previous character I’ve played into this season?
Yes, but you’ll have to start as a freshly arrived islander. A storm just struck the island and anyone from the Island, Center or Scorched Earth would be setting foot here for the first time. Never be afraid to try something new!

Do raiding rules still apply?
ALL RULES STILL APPLY! Just because you’re on an enemy’s land doesn’t mean you blow everything up, grief someone or even KOS. This role-play is a background narrative intended to give you more to talk about and more story to involve yourself in. Don’t get overly competitive. Story > everything.

Will my character know others from the Faction?
Give your neighbours a DM or find out who else is joining your Faction. You can always pre-determine this stuff. Playing a noble? Ask on the Discord if anyone else is. Maybe your families are familiar with one another. Playing an Orc? You could find your previous master, have an already established rivalry. Never be afraid to ask people to be involved in their story/background, you’ll be surprised how many people will say yes!

How does death work?
We’re taking death in character. New life rule still applies! To combat the awkwardness of someone saying “I saw you die!” and you not having a response, we’ve filled it with some lore. The island of Ragnarok is mysterious, people come back from the dead. It can take some time, it can be instant, but they’ll wake up on the beach or back at home. The Factions and tribes might all have different explanations, but one thing is certain, no one lives forever. Most people only die about ten to fifteen times, some can die hundreds. No one ever knows when their death will be the last!

Are factions limited by engrams, dinos, or items?
No! Every faction can use every engram, every dino, and every item!