GTA Rules


These rules are for GTA only and are in addition to TwitchRP General Rules.


1 – Your in-game name should be the same Discord name, so that the admin team can find you easily if we need to talk to you.

2 – Value your life above all else. Recklessness ruins role-play and is not allowed. GTA is a world where you don’t resurrect; EMS revives you or you end up at the hospital. Therefore, your character should believe they can die. If they get into a fight, they should be fearful of injury/death.

For example, if your character has a gun on them, and you’re in the open, with your hands up, you can’t draw a weapon. Because this is context-based, possible rule violations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

3 – Since players must apply to be police officers on TwitchRP, you may not RP someone with authority over them, like a federal agent. There are exceptions to this rule, e.g. running for mayor, but the mayor will not be allowed to overrule the systems we have in place for the police.

The FiB is an admin bureau. We use this to avoid breaking immersion when doing admin business on the server. You may roll an agent of a private investigating firm, but you may not RP a government-based agent or anything with authority over the police.

You may not use any exploits, including but not limited to:

  • any duping,
  • respawning via the model menu,
  • and using the parking garage to check vehicle ownership.

Unlike many other servers, our police are not admins/mods. Out of character, they’re equal to all other players; it’s an application process. They’re trusted with official in-character (IC) responsibilities and should be respected IC in the same manner you would treat a police officer in real life.

  • When a police officer is interacting with you please role-play with them. Do not always just run from the police. This will only add to your sentence/penalty.
  • Killing a police officer is a worse crime than killing a private citizen, and your sentence will reflect this. Death is death, but police are needed to keep the server civil.
  • When arrested and taken to a police station, you must follow or go where the officer tells you. If you do not you will immediately be jailed and time will be added onto your sentence.
  • If your cuffs malfunction while you are under arrest, please role-play as if you are still cuffed. Do not pull a gun out or run away and use a car.
  • When involved in a role-play situation, or if you are wanted by the police, you may not change your skin. This would make law enforcement impossible and can ruin storylines. You may, however, change your clothing.

In order to rob a bank, there must be at least two police officers on duty. There is a VOIP channel in the TRP Discord called “gta-on-duty-police,” where officers will log in (and stay muted and deafened) during their shifts. You MUST check this Discord channel to see if there are two police officers on before you rob a bank! This is the ONLY time meta is acceptable on the TRP GTA servers.

No snipers may be used in a robbery by either the police or the bank robbers.

If a warrant is made for your arrest, all police officers will know via the police radio channel and will be looking for you.

  • Robberies: Warrants for robberies will last only for that session. While police are actively looking for you, this is considered active RP. Logging out while they are actively searching for you is just like combat logging – don’t do it! Once the heat has died down, you can safely log out; when you log in the next time, you’re in the clear.
  • If all officers are downed in a robbery, the perpetrators get away without warrants/charges/fines.
  • For all other crimes, warrants will last until the police either catch you or forget about your crime.

POLICE ANIMALS: You may not RP a K9 unit. Or any other animal unit. We want our police interactions to involve as much human interaction as possible.

POLICE OFFICERS: Once you are hired as TRP LSPD, you must roll a new character. Using an existing character often does not make sense, as almost every character on the server has been involved in criminal activity. If you think your character should be exempt from this prohibition, you may contact the admin team to discuss it.

Your police character may not be an EMS on their off-duty time, nor may they leave the PD to become EMS. Likewise, your EMS character may not be a cop in their off-duty EMS time, nor may they leave EMS and become a police officer.

9 – VEHICLES: Any vehicles that have weapons on them are not to be used EVER! This includes tanks, jets, helicopters, etc.

10 – ROAD RULES: If you are driving around like a madman, you will be pulled over and fined. Try to obey the traffic conditions; if you don’t and you are caught, expect a ticket, unless you can talk your way out of it.

11 – JOB SYSTEM: When you accept a job at the Employment Office, you should use the job in your RP. Different jobs have different salaries, but you should choose the job that makes sense for your character and RP it, rather than choosing the best-paying job and then ignoring it.


12 – ALT CHARACTERS: If you have other characters on GTA, no information may be transferred across characters. (You may not use information you learned while logged in on your police officer when you log into your drug lord. You must learn the info from a third party.)

You can be involved in someone else’s storyline on several characters:

  • You play Man 1, 2, and 3. Woman is a villain. On Man 1, you’re a cop, looking for her. On Man 2, you’re her bodyguard. On Man 3, you’re not involved. This is within the rules, because you’ll never interact with yourself. Of course, you may not pass information about yourself to your other characters, and if your other characters are brought up, just brush it aside with a comment.

What ISN’T okay is:

  • You play Man 1 and Man 2. Man 1 puts out a hit on Woman. Man 2 performs the hit. You may not involve yourself in your OWN story. (As another example, you cannot run for mayor and then have all of your alts vote for you.)

13 – TERMINOLOGY: You may not say you have a bodycam (your stream), nor may you refer to City Hall or the FiB, as in “I will report this to the FiB/City Hall,” or “I’ve talked to someone at City Hall and they said I can do this,” etc.



  • /help gives you a full list of commands
  • /news is global; only people with the news job can use this
  • /taxi is global; this is used to call a taxi and for the taxi to respond
  • /ad is global; this is used for advertising, like a classified section
  • /me is used for emoting AND SHOULD BE USED SPARINGLY for things you cannot communicate via voice or the emote options. This should NOT be used to have a back and forth “conversation,” nor should it EVER be used for anything you can do vocally, like sigh; “/me feels like he has a fever”
  • /do is used for actions; “/do puts handcuffs on”


15 – The NLR in GTA is dependent on your injuries:

  • If you are killed in some RP situations like: GUNSHOTS, EXPLOSIONS, MELEE WEAPONS, AND THROWN WEAPONS (EXCLUDING BASEBALLS/SNOWBALLS), you will not remember the attacker or the last 15 minutes, and/or the events leading up to your death. (e.g. You’re captured 30 minutes before and executed at the end of it – you won’t remember anything from the point of capture.)
  • If you are killed in RP situations like: BEATEN UP, OR HIT BY A CAR, you may remember the attacker and other details of the attack. You will feel groggy, but you can remember whatever you want.
  • Going to the hospital from ANY wound will cause memory loss. You will not remember the last 15 minutes and/or the events leading up to your death. You may not return to the scene unless escorted by police or the attacker.
  • If you are incapacitated by police, do not respawn at the hospital unless there is no other option, or they tell you to do so. It’s better RP all around for them to revive you and arrest you.
  • If you are killed by police and respawn at the hospital, you must call 911 to notify them that you are at the hospital for pickup, or sit and wait. If they do not arrive within 15 minutes, you may try to escape. Do not try to hide at the hospital to avoid capture.
  • A witness may tell you the identity of your attacker and other pertinent details of the attack.

The admins have the final say in any situation, and all rules are subject to change. When the admins review a situation, more than one opinion is used.