Nowhere FAQ

I have questions that are not answered here, where should I go?
The TwitchRP Discord. Ask in ARK General or throw a direct message to Joefudge! He’ll be adding new ones here.

What is the point in Nowhere?
It’s basically a season that’s inspired by Mad Max, the wild west, and games like Borderlands. Quirky takes on a post-apocalyptic western world. The backstory is there to give you an idea for what the world is like, and some of the people you might come across. It’s also there to help inspire you when making characters. Ask yourself – where would my character idea fit into the world? Any character will fit!

How do I join a gang?
Unlike Factions, gangs are just part of the lore. If you’d like to be a version of one of the gangs in the backstory, go ahead and make a tribe based around it! Gangs/bandit groups/outsiders are entirely your own making. Part of the reason they all splintered off in the lore is to inspire you to come up with quirky gangs of your own, or watered-down versions of the former, listed gangs. Entirely up to you!

How do I join a town?
We don’t have a mechanic for joining towns either. More so, we encourage people to make them. Make trading points – if you want to be more civilized, try building closer to other groups with the same goal. Unity among lawful folk. We’d love to see inspired towns and cooperation between them. You can always message friends OOC and ask what their plans are. Go in with some preparation.

Who is the mayor? Do I have to serve him?
The mayor was just assassinated (as seen in the trailer), which means a new one must be voted in. It can be anyone in our community. Put yourselves forward. We wanted to try and create a Reign of Kings/Dark and Light role-play mechanic – someone voted in who can help bring order to the civilized people of the land. You don’t have to serve the Mayor, especially if you’re a bandit or living away from everyone, but most towns should come together and choose leadership, law enforcement, create banks to help store valuables, and protect them with several tribes. We won’t enforce it, but we’d love to see this sort of thing!

Is this a PvP season?
We kept this in the FAQ just because it should always be answered. We’ve always been RP-PvP focused. One thing to learn from our Factions season is that in Nowhere, you can be a bandit and still visit all of the towns (although, you might have bounties/law enforcement on your ass if you haven’t been careful!). There will be areas of the map which you realize are safer than others. “Oh, bandits live out by the dunes, but there’s a town to the east. Maybe I’ll stay there for the night, or hire a bodyguard if I head toward the dunes.” We’re not enforcing wide-scale battles, more encouraging a more inclusive, broad story that involves everyone.

Is this a TEK season?
Yes! However, this is a “semi-TEK” season. What’s that? Well, SOME TEK will be available. If you watched the trailer and read the Nowhere lore, you know that most of the TEK in Nowhere was lost. People prize TEK gear highly, scavengers search tirelessly for it, TEK junkies try to cobble together full suits for themselves. You will not find TEK turrets or building pieces; the items available from the start will be the TEK Replicator, and 3/5 pieces of the suit, with the remaining two to be added in shortly after.

Can I be neutral?
You can be whatever you want to be. You can be a hermit living out in the dunes, with a jerboa farm, raising kittens in your spare time – doesn’t change the fact a bandit might take your claims of neutrality and shove it where the sun don’t shine (side note: the sun shines a lot in Scorched Earth).

Can I play a character not from this world?
Yes! Play whoever, whatever, and however you want. We don’t restrict characters. The lore is there to inspire thought and ideas, but if you want to play an alien who loves cheese, go for it. Although, this is an entirely different Scorched Earth to our previous seasons. This wouldn’t be the same place, even if it looks similar, to the ones your characters have visited previously. Nowhere has existed for a long time.

Can I play a character from the lore?
No, you may not! You cannot be Cassandra, the founder of Middle, back from the dead, nor can you be the recently assassinated Mayor, or any members of his government. You also may not assume the identity of any of the founders or ruling members of the gangs or settlements listed in our Nowhere lore.

How will the Mayor be elected?
We’ll release this info over the next few days! Keep an eye on the announcements in the TRP Discord; we’ll be sure to update this FAQ and the season-specific section of the ARK rules, as well!

How does death work?
Since the discovery of element, people have been returning from the dead, the raw energies cloning them upon death. This is a painful process; it really, really sucks to die. It also doesn’t always work. Basically, we don’t want the awkward situation of you killing someone, and then seeing them the next day, without a reason in lore. This is your reason! Element is a wondrous, mysterious material. You should still value your life, and follow all our death rules, e.g. New Life Rule.

Where can I find the mod list for Nowhere?
Right here!