Welcome to Nowhere!

Not many people would welcome you to Nowhere; not many people live there in the first place. Your first days here will be hiding from predators as nearly everything wants to eat you. If you survive those, Mother Nature might flex her wrath; freak storms of lightning, heat, and sand … lots of sand. If you somehow manage to survive all of that, then all I can say is good luck with the locals. Arguably some of the most dangerous people in the known world live out in Nowhere, most forged through generations of natural selection. They’ve evolved to be more agile, stronger, and fortuitous than the old world. Still interested? Good, you’re rather brave or stupid, and both serve a purpose here.

No one quite knows when the first people settled here; the better question has always been why? What makes this wasteland so appealing? More and more folk flocked to Nowhere. Was it the appeal of freedom? Or were there really no better options? Casualties were tallied every single day, only the strongest surviving, until one young lady, a hunting girl by the name of Cassandra, founded “Middle.” It was a bastion in the center of Nowhere, a town that thrived in the years to come. She became its first mayor. With order, however, comes disorder.

Four separate gangs, born of their own ideals, sprang to life. The ones who lived in the dunes called themselves “Sandworms,” and often worshipped the deathworms as deities. Ritual sacrifice was not uncommon among these savages. The second gang formed after a riot on the trade routes going east. They called themselves “The Bombers.” (They really liked explosions.) The third group had found a stash of old Kevin Costner films, and particularly loved “Waterworld.” As the source material faded from memory, they became known as “Cosners,” the “t” lost to history and the shifting sands. They attempted to control all water sources, seeing it as their birthright, which led to the slaughter of Stillwater town. The final gang were known as “The Drifters.” They broke off from Middle, seeking fame, fortune, and glory in theft and banditry.

The four gangs and the civilized folk of the land all fought among one another. Upon leaving governed towns, you would be hard struck to find law or fair play. Some mayors performed greater than others, and their towns prospered beneath their guidance. The gangs splintered off, where once there were four, now there were forty. Then double that. Continuously, the small world grew smaller. Until the day element was discovered.

Element was unlike any other resource in Nowhere. It shimmered at a touch, and became like jewelry. No one had a clue what to use it for. Prolonged exposure to the raw material caused mutations in people. Suddenly babies were being born with giant heads, forearms, torsos, or even legs. Some had jawlines bigger than their biceps, others had waists that rivaled a pear. Mutants became a normal party of society, so don’t freak out too much when you see one. It took many years before people discovered the use of element. The desire for TEK became an obsession among many gangs and wealthier people. Adventurers gave up their lives to hunt for any TEK device they could find. These people are usually referred to as TEK junkies. It was only recently that nearly all of it was lost. A great sandstorm caused nearly everyone to flee into the mountains to take shelter. Homes, basecamps, and towns were crushed beneath the ferocity of the storm. Now, we must rebuild.

It’ll be tough now, with the mayor’s assassination. No one knows who hired him, but the gunslinger in black caused quite the stir. With all that said, tell me traveler – who are you? What has brought you all the way out here to Nowhere? Are you seeking adventure? Seeking shelter in the towns? Maybe you want to be mayor? Hell, maybe you want to murder the next one? Are you part of a gang? Are you a mutant? A bandit? A person from a distant land?

Take a seat, tell me your tale. I ain’t going nowhere.