The Races

Part 3: Races

The last section is here to help you decide on a race. Now, you don’t have to belong to this island, you can role-play coming over from a different one, but if you want to establish yourself already within the world/lore, this is some information on the races that exist on Ragnarok! Races are aesthetic in their entirety. You don’t have to follow traits or stereotypes.


Humans have been rulers ever since they set foot on Ragnarok. No one knows how they got there, only that they have certainly left their mark. Humans spread across the entire map and vastly differ from culture to culture. Some might be nomadic living-off-the-land types, others are nobles or relatives of royalty who throw banquets, feasts and command knights.
They come in all shapes and sizes, though their features are usually proportionate. Some have been confused with Halflings, others with giants.
Common Traits:
Tenacity has always been common among Humans. Their nurture often shapes them more than their nature. Though, the same can’t be said for the Wildlanders who are definitely in touch with their more natural side. Patriotism is in vast quantities within Humanity.
Kingdom Human opinions on other races:

  • Elves – Loyal, wise and a powerful ally. A little too slow to react at times, but good friends.
  • Dwarves – Incredible crafters but better friends. You can always rely on a Dwarf for the truth.
  • Halflings – Innocent, homely but fiercely brave. They put things in perspective.
  • Orcs – Scarily similar, yet far more savage. Their rebellion showed how brutal they can be.
  • Goblins – Pesky and untrustworthy. Never trust a Goblin. Especially with your purse.
  • Giants – What they lack in brains, they make up for in brawn. Treat with extreme caution.
  • Vampires – The most vile creature in existence. Unnatural and worse than death. Only comes out at night. Sunlight kills them.
  • Half-Breeds – Depends on the breed. Usually a mixture of two opinions.

Wildlands Human opinions on other races:

  • Elves – A dangerous, nimble race. Their very words could be enchantments. Avoid or kill!
  • Dwarves – Powerful race and well respected, but still a challenge to Humanity’s dominance.
  • Halflings – Why do they still exist? Please, someone burn down their hovels ASAP.
  • Orcs – Brutish creatures. Tough prey, but an Orc’s head/capture makes for a great trophy.
  • Goblins – You thought nothing could be more worthless than a Halfling. Then you meet a goblin.
  • Giants – The greatest combatants you could find. Slow, but dangerous. Amazing trophy!
  • Vampires – Unnatural. Most tribes fear them. Treat with extreme caution. Nightwalkers.
  • Half-Breeds – Prove your worth. Show you’re more Human than anything else.


Elves were said to have sprouted from trees. They have a way with nature and the majority of its wildlife. They grew fond of Humanity in their early days of meeting and it is rare to see conflict between the two races. The Elves live mostly in woodland, but in recent years (recent being a couple of decades for Elves), they’ve branched out and began building homes similar to that of a Human. Though, their interior decorating skills are unmatched.
Tall and slender usually. Pointy features usually gives them away from Humans. They’re also commonly fair-haired, rarely would one have darker hair. It usually marks the sign of a warrior when one is born with it. It is also rare to meet one with facial hair. Often light of skin, the darker skinned Elves are usually known as Drow (Dark Elf). Though, this doesn’t mean they’re evil.
Common Traits:
A kindness to animals. Wise, often never rushing into a decision. Intelligent and delicate. They will fight with a passion for their home and beliefs. They also have a proficiency for crafting. The first to admit their own wrongdoings.
Elf opinions on other races:

  • Eledor Humans – Eager and unpredictable. Greatest hope for peace in the island. Good friends.
  • Wildlanders – As savage as Orcs. An example of how far Humanity can fall without society.
  • Dwarves – Stubborn, invasive and rude but undoubtedly loyal and skilled.
  • Halflings – A race worth fighting for. An example of why the war is worth fighting.
  • Orcs – Savage creatures with little use past basic functions. Not to be underestimated regardless.
  • Goblins – Trifling creatures with little more purpose than to cause mischief and torment.
  • Giants – A delicate, misunderstood creature that is sadly lost to its own need for violence.
  • Vampires – Creatures that go against nature. They actively despise them.
  • Half-Breeds – Often a source of intrigue over anything else. The possibilities interbreeding!


Dwarves came from the mountains, that much is known. They can often be found underground but, due to their highly valued position in the Kingdom, they have recently began constructing large Dwarven forges and structures in Human lands. They are usually godless creatures, rarely would you find a religious one.
Short but broad. Powerful, rippling muscles. The opposite to an Elf. They usually fashion a long beard and heavy armour. Their skin colour can range from pale to black, they’re not necessarily all Scottish but you can usually hear a Dwarf before you see one.
Common Traits:
Terrible liars but mighty blacksmiths. They’re usually quick to anger and the last to admit they’re wrong. Alcohol is commonly found in their vicinity. Be wary if you see a Dwarf without a drink, they’re even quicker to anger. Fierce miners and explorers.
Dwarf opinions on other races:

  • Eledor Humans – Aye, they’re alright. Quick learners and worthy fighters.
  • Wildlanders – Not much different to normal Humans. Just a lot more annoying. Worth killing.
  • Elves – Bunch of pansies! Sooner hug a tree than harvest it. Never admit they’re good smiths.
  • Halflings – Anything that drinks nearly as much as us is alright by me.
  • Orcs – DISGUSTING! The absolute worst. Greenskins are an abomination. Never trust ‘em.
  • Goblins – DOUBLE DISGUSTING! So what if they’re good tinkerers? They’re bloody green!
  • Giants – If they knew how to work an anvil, we’d be out of a job. Dumber than a rock.
  • Vampires – Rarely drink from us, but still a little gross. Wouldn’t stake one unless it annoyed me.
  • Half-Breeds – You can be half anything, but if you’re half green, then you’re half disgusting.


Halflings arrived at a similar time to Humans. They’ve always been attracted to building near their larger counterparts. Although they enjoy exploring, they have rarely been sighted living anywhere outside of the Kingdom. It’s a dangerous business going out your door…
Very short. Could easily be confused with a child. The difference is their adult grown heads and their abnormally large, and often hairy, feet.
Common Traits:
Fiercely loyal. They’re often funny, optimistic and quirky. They make for great storytellers and bards. Don’t underestimate their size, they can be sturdy fighters when the time calls for it. They like to smoke, drink and be merry.
Halfling opinions on other races:

  • Eledor Humans – They’re great! Really great.
  • Wildlanders – Oh no, no, no. Bad. Really bad.
  • Elves – Really great! Great weeds. Great folk.
  • Dwarves – Really great! Great drink. Great folk.
  • Orcs – Tall, green and mean. A little scary if you ask me.
  • Goblins – Deserve a good seeing to. The meanest, nastiest little critters about. Hate ‘em.
  • Vampires – They drink what? But you can’t get high off of that. Whatever floats your boat. Scary.
  • Half-Breeds – We’re a half empty kinda people anyway. More the merrier.


Their ancestors came from the lands to the east. Some accounts even say they rose from the mountains like the Dwarves, which gave birth to the hatred between both races. They’re a proud, strong people who are not much unlike Humans. They value strength over intelligence more often than not. All living Orcs have rather lived in exile or under the heel of other races.
Forest green skin. Usually the structure of a Human, but often a little broader and more muscular. No tusks, that’s a tale parents tell their children.
(To make the appearance, use forest green on a black model. We can provide the template for this!)
Common Traits:
Honourable, powerful and easy to rage. A natural bloodlust often takes hold of Orcs, many battle the urge to kill, fighting their natural instincts. They’re civilized in their own right and have the ability to be as intelligent as any Human. Their ability to fight is also what makes them such a ferocious enemy or worthy ally.
Orc opinions on other races:

  • Eledor Humans – Slave masters, tyrants and corrupt. Vengeance will be ours.
  • Wildlanders – War is a necessity against these people. More predictable than the Eledor.
  • Elves – An orc who underestimates an Elf is a dead orc. Little more than a nuisance.
  • Dwarves – They treated us as badly, if not worse, than the Humans. Vengeance will be ours!
  • Halflings – Good to us, but cowards. A waste of resources. Easily crushed.
  • Goblins – Most see Goblins as tricksters, we see them as brothers. Strong in their own right.
  • Giants – A powerful ally. Never anger a giant. Always tell them what they want to hear.
  • Vampires – An abomination, but necessary ally. We need them in the coming war.
  • Half-Breeds – Must prove themselves if they ever want to be respected. Only those more Orc than Human should be given home.


No one knows where Goblins came from, but nearly everyone hopes they’ll return there. They’re naturally mischievous and cruel. They often lack empathy and greed is their biggest sin. A fat Goblin is one to be feared, it only means he knows what he’s doing.
Like an Orc and a Halfling had a baby. Short with forest green skin (sometimes light green). Big, bulbous features. They also have exceptionally large hands.
Common Traits:
Everything is often worth gambling over. They’re addicted to being naughty and often cruelty brings them joy. They’re insulted when called Imps, it’s seeing as a derogatory term to their people. They’re proud of who they are and couldn’t give a f**k if no one else is. Profanity is a common part of their vocabulary.
Goblin opinions on other races:

  • Eledor Humans – Couldn’t give two sh*ts about Humanity. Let them all burn.
  • Wildlanders – Didn’t you hear me when I said I couldn’t give two sh*ts? Was I not loud enough?
  • Elves – Nothing is funnier than burning down a forest. Nothing. They’re disgusting and pompous.
  • Dwarves – We’re smarter, better tinkerers and better looking. Their envy is so obvious!
  • Halflings – HAHAHA! I take that back, nothing is funnier than tormenting these guys!
  • Orcs – We wouldn’t tease them for the world. Our best friends. Okay, maybe a few pranks.
  • Giants – Seriously, we don’t tease them. It ain’t worth being crushed. Never piss off the big fella.
  • Vampires – Seriously, you didn’t hear me when I said- Oh they’re different? Make that three sh*ts.
  • Half-Breeds – Four f*cking sh*ts. I’m all boweled out. If it walks, if it talks, it’s worth teasing.


Humanity’s ancestors that never did quite evolve. They’ve been working under Human command for as long as they can remember. Granted, the average giant often can’t remember its own name, so it’s not a huge surprise. That doesn’t mean they’re immune to feelings. Their treatment as a big oaf finally got to them and their role in the rebellion was nothing to be joked about. They now try to live their lives in the Freefolk territory, though their skillset is rather limited.
Big. Really big. As tall as you can get, often as broad as you can get. In Giant culture, it’s seen as good luck if you’re born with a tiny head! Who’da thought?
Common traits:
They’re strong but exceptionally stupid. The smartest Giant in existence learned to read and write his own name. That’s why he was given the title ‘Brainhead’. They are very good as smashing things and quite proficient with taming large dinosaurs and creatures.
Giant opinions on other races:

  • Eledor Humans – Baby us. Crush.
  • Wildlanders – Baby us again. Crush.
  • Elves – Stick man.
  • Dwarves – Yes.
  • Halflings – AAAAAAAAAAH!
  • Orcs – Okay friend.
  • Goblin – Not nice friend.
  • Vampires – Do we crush? I ‘unno.
  • Half-Breeds – What?


Originally seen as a plague, Vampires started appearing in Human culture as long as a millenia ago. When no cure was ever found, the earliest Vampires realized their existence depended on being unknown. So they vanished. Seemingly for good. Slowly, they crept into Human society – both wild and city alike – and drained only that which they needed. They remained out of public knowledge until a decade ago. When Vampires were discovered again, Humanity began mass hunting them. Many of them died, along with many Humans who were innocent. They have managed to survive this long by allowing one lie to be flourished – the sun is their enemy. In truth, the sun is uncomfortable for most Vampires, even somewhat painful, but they would need to be out in it a full day before it ever killed them. Even then, it would only make their skin blister and dehydrate them faster. Blood would heal their wounds. This is down to them being cold blooded. The sun overheats their bodies, but doesn’t outright kill them.
Often that of a Human, but usually the older Vampires are deathly pale from a lack of sun exposure.
Common Traits:
Vampire culture is often set in nobility. Rarely would you find a rogue Vampire and when you do, they’re often the mistake of a rookie vampire accidently turning someone. They pick their successors carefully and have a rather sophisticated culture. Yes, stakes do kill them. They’re sharp sticks, for goodness sake. Vampires have heightened senses, so yes, Garlic does effect them, it might make them gag. Holy water doesn’t do anything.
Vampire opinions on other races:

  • Eledor Humans – Little more than food. Though discovery could cost you your life. Be extremely careful when feeding.
  • Wildlanders – Extremely cautious so ultimately dangerous to feed off of, but often the best tasting blood.
  • Elves – Their blood can make you very ill. Their society is the complete opposite. Natural enemies.
  • Dwarves – Only drink if you’re having a party and in small doses. You will get drunk.
  • Halflings – Barely a mouthful. They’re good at parties though.
  • Orcs – Can only drink in small doses. Blood too thick. They’re a strong people; a means to an end.
  • Goblin – Foul, tainted blood. They’re useful pets and sidekicks though.
  • Giants – One of the greatest to feed from, but it will likely mean your life. A walking feast.
  • Half-Breeds – Like a cocktail!


What races can be half breed?

  • Humans + Orcs.
  • Humans + Elves
  • Humans + Dwarves
  • Humans + Giants
  • Giants + Orcs

None of the others really mix!