Tips for Applying to TwitchRP


Tips for Applying to TwitchRP

PLEASE NOTE: The TwitchRP application form has been overhauled since this post was published. The tips below can help any RP application but things like character bio are no longer required on our server.

We get a bunch of applications every day to TwitchRP. Some of them are awesome. Some of them are… less so.

Here are some tips on how to make a great application for a TwitchRP server, distilled from reading many, many, many applications.

  • The character bio is probably the most important section. Show that you can create someone that other people want to hang out with.
  • Don’t worry about lack of experience. We accept people at all levels. Equally, if you do have experience, please provide some detail. “I played an orc medic who got faint at the sight of blood” is way more interesting than “I did some RP in WoW”.
  • Tell us why meeting up with you (and/or your character) would be fun. TwitchRP is a social experience driven by characters. What’s unique and interesting about how yours will behave?
    • Corollary: Please don’t say that it’s because you’re a mercenary who was raised by wolves and hates most humans but is fiercely loyal to the few who can pierce his/her cold exterior.
    • Related: Okay, you can pitch your lone wolf character. But tell us why that character would be an asset to other players on the server.
  • You’re not locked into your application character. It’s just a brief showcase of your ability to come up with fun ideas. You can always adapt or create someone else entirely when you get accepted.
  • There is no GM on TwitchRP. All those backstory hooks you’re used to providing? Save them for in-game. Physical description? It’s a video game. We can see you. Your space is limited so focus more your character and how they would behave than how they got here.
  • Can anyone vouch for you? It’s totally okay if you’re new to the community but if you’re applying to TwitchRP because you have friends already on? Let us know who they are. Seriously, it looks like you’re hiding something if you say “I have friends on the server” but won’t name them.

Best of luck!

Here are some sample applications if you like that sort of thing. Yes, we will recognise them if you copy and just change the words a little bit.

Sample 1 – Harmony, the Lawyer
Sample 2 – Weefz, the Poop Farmer