The Zones

Part 2: The Zones

Maps to be included soon!
The Kingdom of Eledor owns most of the western side of the map. From the hilly waterfalls to the Flatlands south of it. They have their own ice top mountain, Mount Thum (pronounced thumb) and they also own the lands around the swamp. They have the largest territory portion.
The Wildlanders own the vast snowy mountain range and the Redwoods forest, along with a few ridges here and there.  
The Freefolk own the Highlands with the lighthouse and the Ashen lands nearby, including the Volcano area. Though, “own” is a vague term as the wyverns are quite the housemates.
The three Factions’ territory are not the only places you can reside. There are two more zones. It’s highly suggested you choose a Faction this season! You don’t have to go to war when you’re in one!
Don’t miss out on all the fun; the server events will be directed at the Factions only. Living as a neutral character will only mean missing out and not necessarily avoiding the war. Just like every other season of TRP, neutral characters can still be killed and raided. The neutral zone is located in the center of the map, among the tall peninsulas and lakes. This is called the Canyon of Spirits. It is considered free from rule and houses the neutral grounds the Factions can meet upon. Living here does not mean you’re safe!
This is known as Hilltop Valley. It is a contested zone. Whichever Faction owns the mines in the area, also owns the land around it. For example, if you decide to build in this area, you subject yourself to being under the rule of whichever Faction is victorious in taking the mines. That means the Kingdom could take it one week and you’re tax free, living happily, only for it to be conquered by the Wildlanders the following week who decide to tax your area. This will all be done through role-play, so you can choose to not pay said tax, but that might result in you being raided.

Live here with extreme caution and at your own risk!

The Mines of Corth

During the season, each Faction can fight over the the abandoned castle in the middle of Hilltop Valley. It is a natural fortification with access to a huge tunnel network. Corth was an ancient civilization of Dwarves who invented countless blacksmithing wonders. It is also the central hub of gold on the island. In fact, it’s practically the only source of it! A few days into the season, a day will be announced for the first chance to attack and conquer the mines. The Faction must successfully defend it once before the rewards start trickling in.

  • How often are the battles?
    We’re aiming for twice a week and hoping to include EU and NA times to make it as fair as possible. Once on a weekend, once mid week.

  • How do we defend it?
    That’ll be down to you! We’ll transfer the building’s ownership over to the victors. If someone builds a large fortification and you destroy most of it, you’ll be the one rebuilding it for the next session when someone attacks you. One entrance might come in handy with this one! No turrets.

  • How do we achieve victory?
    Kill, capture or scare off all defenders. Break into the “vault” room and steal the item. Item yet to be determined.

  • What will we get if we win?
    Potentially blueprints/rare items. We’re looking at bringing in currency, so plenty of that to spend. It will be worth it to conquer.

  • Can I be neutral and still fight?
    Nope! This is for Factions only. Have you considered joining a Faction? You really should.

  • Do raiding rules apply?
    No way! Blow it to hell. Only this building though.