ARK Genesis


 A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… It’s a dark time in Genesis – the Grandmaster has been found dead under mysterious circumstances. The “Masters”, the criminally rich overlords of the illustrious spaceport are jockeying for power in an attempt to secure the “Grandmaster” seat that guarantee’s them riches and power over their counterparts. Meanwhile, the “Scrappers”, the oppressed lower class that is forced to live in squalor by the masters are subjugated into mining the gigatonnes of trash deposited daily in the lower city as a result of off-world dumping contracts. Some “Scrappers” have had enough and have risen up against the “Masters” only to be mowed down by the ruthless Police force employed by the upper city slumlords. With the “Masters” distracted in their bids for power, will the “Scrappers” finally rise up and take what’s theirs? Or will they simply continue mining the trash of Genesis’s lower city to line the pockets of the “Masters”?


The Masters are the fat cats of Genesis – they control everything through money, manipulation, and greed. Most of the Masters came from criminal enterprises and continue to operate on the wrong side of the law – using Genesis’s sovereignty and their “political status* to cloak their illicit activities. The Masters are an active group of business owners, criminal masterminds, and politicians who are oppressing the Scrappers. They are more than a simple agency for justice – they are also the standing army of the Masters and taskmasters to ensure that the:
  • Police Force The Police Force of Genesis are employed by the upper city. This position is application based. 
  • Scrappers continue their work in the lower city.
  • Hospital Staff Emergency service personnel working in the upper city. Doctors, nurses, and paramedics are employed by the upper city but are offered tax breaks that allow them the ability to stay out of the lower city.


Most of the Scrappers were attracted to Genesis by flashy advertisements showing off the beauty of the upper city, promised free lodgings and a fresh start. However, after arriving they soon found themselves in the run down lower city, subjugated to mining through trash for any valuables the masters may find useful. With the high tax rates and high-interest loans offered on basic necessities, many can never afford to leave Genesis.

If you would like to apply to be a police officer please fill out an application.

Please be advised we greatly encourage original ideas outside of these parameters. The surrounding area of the city is what you are more used to ARK looking like and is a free area.