There are tall tales in this land, the people whisper of the Legend of Ironwood Manor

Ironwood manor was built over 600 years ago. Legend has it, it was built by a king for his beloved niece and her new husband. She lived there for many years and bore the fruit of a few children. The manor was kept in the family for quite some time through many transformations. For each new inheritance made changes to its appearance.

About 400 years ago the manor, which was now more of a castle, was sold on and under a new family name. The Blackburns owned Iron Wood for almost 100 years when Lord Blackburn fell ill and they sold the house on to the Seagraves.

Lord Seagrave was a very prestigious man, he moved into the manor with his wife Primrose, who bore him three children, Thomas, Elizabeth, and Annabelle. Thomas was a bit of a rambunctious lad and got himself into a bit of trouble, he was then sent off to war as punishment for his behavior. Legend has it that he killed the last remaining bloodline of an old witch, who in the throes of grief cursed him to walk as a beast every time the moon waxed full. He returned home shortly thereafter and upon the next full moon turned into a ravenous monster and set upon his family, a servant walked in on him devouring little Elizabeth’s flesh. He ran to the village shouting what he had seen. The villagers set out to hunt this monster, with weapons and torches in hand they made their way to Iron Wood manor. The beast ran and the villagers tracked him down and killed the foul creature, they hung his head on the door of the manor where they found Lord Seagrave, and his wife also murdered. Somehow a fire started and almost all the manor was burnt down and they never did find little lady Annabelle’s body, who was only a mere 8 years old.

Nowadays there are whispers of beasts that roam the woods when the moon is at its fullest. So when you go into the woods at night be weary, and don’t go out on a full moon, for Lady Annabelle may come looking for you.

Elsewhere in the land, other legends are being formed.

Amongst the vast plains of sand and white dunes, the prosperous city of Ni’frus and its people stand proudly under the leadership of their benevolent Queen Onofria Khalfani. Under her rule, Ni’frus has become a commonwealth of knowledge, trade and economic growth. But it wasn’t always so. Before the coronation of Khalfani, Ni’frus lye under the rule of her parents, the Pharaoh Masud and his queen Mafdet, who struck fear into the hearts of their followers with their brutal practices and enforcement of slavery.  Their methods and greed left the people living in extremely impoverished conditions which eventually led to an uprising against the royal bloodline.

On the night of the uprising, when the pharaoh and queen had been slaughtered, the young princess found herself cornered by the revolters and was to be killed as well. However, Anubis rose up his army and swarmed the palace, slaughtering all who threatened the young royal. The people saw this as a sign that the young girl had the protection of the gods and was therefore meant to be the true ruler of Ni’frus.  She was coronated shortly thereafter and with her army of Anubis at her side, led the people to a brighter future.

However, in present-day Ni’frus, Onofria’s blessings from Anubis has mysteriously disappeared.  His children left the palace, and she was left defenseless to the invasion of her enemies. During the attack, she once again found herself cornered and alone. As a last ditch effort to save her kingdom, she held before her the Amulet of Ra, which emitted a blinding light that consumed her entire being and everything around her

She awoke to stand once again within her palace. But things were different. Her home had been shifted to a land she was very unfamiliar with.  However, gazing out into the surrounding waters, she could feel the presence of Sobek, the crocodilian god. Filled with a new sense of determination and dread, her goal was now to discover why she had lost favor with Anubis, though fate may just lead her down a path that holds answers that are better left unknown, especially with this land holding so many of its own dark secrets.

This season the theme is legends and curses. Are you a victim of the Seagraves or are you a mutation of another kind. Is the queens guard something more what you fancy. Maybe you have heard of a different legend or these legends in a different way?

There are no season specific rules, but as always we have our ark rules so please make sure you are all caught up on those. You can find them in the rules menu on the main page.