Twas the month before Arkmas,
And down on the ground,
There were Elves that meant business
As they worked the compound

Many gifts needed wrapping
And trees put on display
But the raptors were snapping
The elves all away

So the elves took a stance
Enough was enough
They just needed the chance
To tame something tough

Some gathered the wood,
and others the stone
And the trap soon Withstood
A Rex that was grown

They worked as a team
and brought the beast down
And now it would seem
They’d reclaim their town

Atop his big head
Sat a soft Santa hat
That bounced as he fed
In the midst of combat

The raptors then scattered
And fled with a cry
As their conviction now shattered
They did not want to die

With the peace now returned
There was work still to be done
But the elves really yearned
To increase Christmas fun

They plotted and planned
When it jumped in their mind
A snow winter land
To gift all of mankind

They tinkered away
With their Tek riddled toy
And hoped to convey
The spirit of joy

But something went wrong
With their Christmas device
Winter came far too strong
They were paying the price

Survivors made to bask
In all white and all blue
What is next you ask?
Well…that’s up to you.