Read all of the rules carefully. Claiming ignorance of these rules is not allowed and will result in at least a 24-hour ban.

1 – Be respectful of others in the community; personal insults or verbal attacks outside of role-play (RP) are strictly prohibited!

2 – RP that violates the Twitch Terms of Service (ToS) and Rules of Conduct (RoC) is strictly prohibited:

3 – Any player caught harassing or bullying another player on the server, or outside of the server but in relation to their presence on the server, will be permanently removed and barred from the current and any future whitelists.

4 – Your first action in any disagreement should always be to try to RP it out. If that doesn’t work and you have a problem with another player, handle it privately, rather than having an open argument on the radio/in chat in the game or in a public forum like Discord or Twitch. If the player has broken a rule, file a report.

5 – Speaking poorly of others on streams, in chats, or elsewhere will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with someone, submit a report. You are representing TwitchRP when you’re on our servers.

6 – Do not message admins directly for general questions. We have a FAQ for reference and a Discord where you can ask for assistance (#in-game-assistance for IN-GAME HELP REQUESTS ONLY, and any of the general channels for general help). You MAY message admins for issues you’d like kept private, and for rule clarifications.

7 – If an admin contacts you to discuss a timeout, the ban will not be lifted (regardless of its initial duration) until you have spoken to the admin. If an admin contacts you to discuss a rule break and you do not acknowledge the message with a response, you may be timed out until you do so.

8 – When you applied to TwitchRP, you signed up with Discord as part of the process. It’s required that you edit your nickname on the TwitchRP Discord server to “Steam Name You Applied With (Current Character Name)” so that it’s easier for people to contact you. Additionally, this will allow admins to find you quickly in the event a report is filed against you. If the admins are unable to contact you, we will have no other recourse than to take appropriate actions against you, as we will only have one side of the story. If your Steam name is the same as your character name, you must still follow this rule.

9 – You must stay in character at all times on TwitchRP servers. This means no going out-of-character (OOC) on the radio/in-game chats, as well. Message people on Steam, Discord, or other methods if you need to, but keep it all in-character (IC) when playing on TwitchRP.

10 – DO NOT broadcast music to the server using the internal VOIP unless agreed upon by all present parties.



1 – CHARACTER NAMES: If your character is a child, you must add “[c]” BEFORE your name, so that everyone who interacts with you immediately knows you are a child. This is the ONLY acceptable nametag identification allowed on TwitchRP. (See metagaming section below.) Even putting every model slider to the smallest settings results in a character who looks like a small adult; adding the “[c]” to your name helps other players interact with you appropriately and avoids needless misunderstandings.

DO NOT USE QUOTATION MARKS IN YOUR CHARACTER NAME! Admins are unable to change names with quotation marks in them; you will have to re-roll to be in compliance.

2 – Do not glitch any elements of the games or use exploits.

3 – NO ERP allowed on the server.

4 – AGE REQUIREMENT: TwitchRP uses ESRB ratings as a guide to age requirements for our servers. You must be 16 years old to play on the server.

5 – Ship Restrictions

  • NPC crew weaponry restrictions on ships
    • No NPC crew on rear cannons.
  • Galleon Limits – 1 Armed Galleon Per Tribe and 1 Unarmed Galleon per tribe.
  • 15 Ship Limit per tribe.

Side: defined as port or starboard (Left or right). It does not matter which deck (Upper, mid or lower) they are placed on.

You can have any amount of NPCs on your sails.

6 – SERVER RESTARTS/CRASHES: You may not use a server restart or crash to gain advantage:

  • You may not use a server restart or crash to escape an RP situation you were in before the restart/crash. You must wait for the other players to reconnect, and then continue the RP.
  • Do not kill sleepers immediately after server restarts or crashes; do not loot their bodies, and allow them to log in before resuming combat. (This only applies to restarts! It is not against the rules to kill sleepers during raids!)


Metagaming is the use of out-of-character (OOC) knowledge someone would have no in-character (IC) knowledge of. Stream sniping occurs when you have a player’s stream open and use the information you see there (whether to find, harass, spy on them, or otherwise interact).

7 – Stream sniping/stalking and metagaming IS NOT TOLERATED. Do not act on information obtained through any means other than direct RP:

  • You must keep the information you have learned via watching streams and reading discussions separate from your character’s knowledge.
  • You may not use in-game automated notifications (death messages and tribe/clan logs, etc.).

8– Identifying players and player-owned creatures or structures through the use of their nameplate is considered insufficient RP and is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to:

  • using radio/chat tags to find tribe/clan and character names,
  • using your HUD on a structure or creature of any kind,
  • or using destruction logs to find out who has raided you.
  • You MAY NOT use your spyglass or naked eye to see a creature or character’s name.
  • You MAY use the name on the back of a ship to identify it.

9 – TERMINOLOGY: You may not skirt the OOC rule by saying things like:

  • in any games: referring to “the land of Discordia” or any other names for Discord, referring to the gods constantly, as in “the gods made him to go sleep permanently” when referring to a banned player, or “the gods can hear us,” etc.

This ruins immersion for everyone present and for viewers. If you need to say something to someone OOC, DM the person – don’t interrupt the RP. If someone else goes OOC, do not further compound the immersion break by going OOC yourself to tell them off or try to help them out. Just report the rule break and move on.

10 – If you decide to re-roll midseason or after death, your new character may be associated with your previous character, but it cannot retain any knowledge from your previous character (memories, etc.). Not only is this meta, but it creates unfair relationships between your new character and those your old character had met.

You may always re-roll for a new season.


Powergaming is the process of gaining an advantage in a RP scenario, either by using in-game mechanics or RP, to give the other players involved no opportunity to interact or defend themselves. It gives the other people involved in RP no option but to lose.

11 – Powergaming of any form is prohibited.

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Constantly speaking over players and not allowing them to speak or defend themselves.
  • Robbing Players without giving them an opportunity to speak or defend themselves.
  • Putting someone in a position and not allowing them to have a way out.


Community buildings are structures built for community RP, like schools, libraries, restaurants, saunas, etc. These buildings MAY NOT be used for a home; items, valuables, and tames should be stored elsewhere. ALL doors and chests must be unlocked to prevent raiding – if you leave locked storage in your community structure, you should expect that it will get broken into. Do not leave anything in your structure you would be sad to lose. Community buildings MUST have a yellow front door (in games that allow this) or clearly-marked billboards which say “COMMUNITY” (in games that don’t allow door painting) to be considered an RP structure. Your community building must be accessible by the community 24/7; you cannot claim a community building exemption for a structure in your base.

Admin-created builds for a season are ALWAYS neutral, community builds – even though the builds may be owned by the admin tribes, or have a locked door hiding an admin spawn/fast-travel location inside it.

12 – You may not raid a community building!

13 If you are found abusing the system by creating a communal building as a front for something else, or by hiding a person or their belongings inside, the building is subject to demolition under an admin’s discretion.

14 – RP-PVP IS ALLOWED inside these buildings, as long as it does not damage the building. No explosives!


15 – Using external communication in raids is prohibited.

16 – You cannot use the global, company, local or alliance chats.

17 – A microphone is required to play on TwitchRP. If your mic breaks, find a reason your character is suddenly mute (a sore throat is a good reason to not log in!) and exit the situation as gracefully as you can.

18 – External communication may not be used unless you are farming or hanging out in your base with your friends/tribe/clan. The moment you begin active RP, you MUST mute or close your external VOIP connection.


19 – You are NOT allowed to place a claim flag. All buildings have a decay timer, once that timer is up the building can be demolished.


20 – Mortars are strictly banned from all pvp.

21 – Sea Initiation Piracy is always a risk when flying in the open seas. You should make every effort to hail the enemy ship, hold “Delete” to yell down the enemy ships – the range is huge. If this is ineffective, fire a warning shot. Please note that raising sails should be considered an offer of parley or surrender and you should make every effort to attempt to RP out the exchange.

22 – If you are initiating PvP from your ship – your ship has to be clearly marked that it is yours. (Your company logo or name on the sails) There should be no doubt from the defenders who is attacking them! Making your ship another companies ship name so they don’t know who attacked them is NOT allowed.

23 – Do not kill sleepers immediately after restarts; allow them at the very least five minutes to log in before resuming combat. (This only applies to restarts! You ARE allowed to kill sleepers during raids!)

24 – DO NOT log out in the middle of combat, i.e. combat logging.

25 – Value your life above all else. Recklessness ruins role-play and is not allowed. Your character should believe they can die. If they get into a fight, they should be fearful of injury/death.

For example, if your character has a gun on them, and you’re in the open, with your hands up, you can’t draw a weapon. Since this is context-based, possible rule violations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

26 – You cannot murder someone unless they have threatened your life or have not complied with your reasonable demands.

27 – If your character becomes knocked out or unconscious for any reason, you need to role-play this. If you are unconscious, you are not going to be able to speak coherently.

28 – Declaring war with other tribes/groups is allowed as long as it is clear who the involved parties are. You are not allowed to forcefully drag bystanders into your conflict. Those who were not included in the RP which set the premise for the war are considered bystanders.

If you would like to spectate a fight, you must understand that combatants are in a tense situation and cannot always tell who is a spectator and who is an enemy. Your presence (and the presence of your mount) at a battlefield puts you at risk.

29 – You may fight over treasure, land grab scenarios, or tames in a role-play manner. For example:

  • If you arrive at treasure and someone is there, you can choose to challenge them on the drop. You must role-play the situation and make sure the other side understands that if you both fight over it someone may die.

30 – You cannot sink another players ship, if unmanned, without RP initiation. Normal raid rules apply if offline raiding an enemy combatants ship. If you are attempting to prevent a player from pursuing you after a raid – destroy the ships sails and render it immobile. This rule does not apply to ships repairing after pvp combat or fleeing pvp combat.

31 – FLYERS IN PVP: When participating in RP-PVP actions, you cannot use a flyer to attack players on the ground, or to attack parachuting players. This includes picking them up and dropping them, spinning to win, or just general attacks. You can, however, attack people on other flyers. So, bird-to-bird combat in the air is acceptable. Additionally, a person on the ground can attack a person on a bird (shoot at them). A FLYER ON THE GROUND IS STILL A FLYER.

  • All weapons mounted on flyer platforms are considered part of the flyer and therefore may not be used on ground targets. You must follow the flyers-in-PVP rule.

32 – TURRETS: Auto-turrets may not be used on platform saddles of any tames.

33 – You are NEVER to kill another player’s tame, that is already claimed by game mechanics. You MAY fight over ones that aren’t yet claimed.

  • Riding a passive animal to a RP-PVP battle is at your own risk and it may be killed.


34 – Ship to Ship Any ship to ship combat allows respawning in beds on the ship and ability to rejoin the scenario. This is necessary due to the way ship pvp was crafted by the developer – destruction of the beds is a key factor in ship combat.

35 – Ship to Base (At least one side of the conflict starts on a ship) This rule overrides normal pvp rules. Land based defenders and Ship based attackers may respawn, for the rest of the encounter, through their beds to defend their base during the raid. If you spawn in a bed – you put that building and your ships at risk of excessive damage to destroy the bed.

Surrendering – During an active Ship to Base raid – the defender may surrender and come to terms with the attackers. During this time, normal pvp rules resume. See Land based combat.

36 – Land based vs Land based (Originated on land – Both sides are standing on land and conflict breaks out)  You must not return to the combat scenario after dying. Even if the scenario has ended, you must wait 15 minutes to return to the scene. – If your bed is in the area of the RP scenario please spawn away or wait the 15 minutes before re-spawning there. There must be NO doubt here from other players. Any loot you may have dropped is now forfeit, up for grabs by anyone. Do not go back for it.If you die in the vicinity of your home, respawn elsewhere. You have no memory of your killer, or any event leading up to your death.

37 – If you are accidentally killed in a PVE situation, you may (or may not) be invited back to the RP by the people involved. They may (or may not) return the items found on your body at that time. Do not presume you are invited back; wait for the invitation.

Note: ALL players present must agree to invite you back – you may not just get invited back by your friend!


38 – Dropping or kiting wild animals onto player bases or animals is not allowed.

39 – During an assault on a settlement, compound, or any other form of “base,” you are allowed to:

  • make only one new entrance (which is also your exit).
  • destroy only so much that is needed to plunder. You may not drop stolen goods on the floor to despawn; this is considered griefing. If you destroy containers and do not need the contents inside, please put the loot into nearby containers.
  • You are not allowed to destroy the entire base or cause massive destruction to it.

40 – RAID NOTES: During an offline raid on someone’s home, you must leave a note on the flag OR leave a note in one of their boxes for the owner to find. The note must provide an actual RP trail for the victim to follow, including your signature. There should be no doubt from the recipient.

  • You are to leave your note on the person’s claim flag or on a actual note made from your inventory. It must be placed in one of their boxes where they can find it.

If you were witnessed (i.e. chased off or caught) by a third party, you ARE STILL REQUIRED to leave a note.

Your note must lead to some form of RP for the victim. If it is deemed an insufficient or poor note, or you’ve simply blamed someone random, the admin team reserves the right to deem your raid as a rule break.

Be aware that continuous raiding could lead to harassment. Be respectful of your fellow player and the time they put into the game. Role-play should always be a priority.


41 – Your tribe, no matter its size, is allowed – tames.

  • Each PLAYER is allowed ONE dragon, whether in a tribe or solo.
  • Unclaiming tames for the purpose of circumventing the tame limit is against the rules. (Unclaiming to claim later).

Breeders should take special care to make sure they stay within the limits, as there are no breeding exceptions. If you are at the limit and a baby is born, the game will not allow you to claim it and it will die!


Though the mods we select for TwitchRP have low-poly counts, every single item placed on the server contributes to lag. To keep TRP running smoothly, please be aware of how much you are placing and building – a little can go a long way!

42 – NPC’s or Auto Turrets must be set to ‘LOW’ if used outside. The warning must be set to 4 seconds.

  • Auto-turrets may not be used on platform saddles of any tames.


43 – You may not block off any caves or discoveries. – this also means that you may not build close enough to them to block any spawns.

44 – You may not create walls using any mod unless its sole purpose is to be used as a wall or for defense (for example, if a mod includes an item called a wall). You MAY NOT make a wall with trees from the eco mods.

45 – Don’t build bases around the freeport – get a raft and move elsewhere. This area is highly congested and we want it to be a touchdown point.

The admins have the final say in any situation, and all rules are subject to change. When the admins review a situation, more than one opinion is used.