Architect Contest

Welcome to our very own building contest! You will have two weeks to come up with and build something – anything, doesn’t have to be a house – spectacular that will amaze the judges. The build progress will be inspected throughout the week and posted. You will find the build locations posted IC, in a journal in the podium at the 50/50 hub, it will explain the contest as well. Please feel free to go check out the builds yourself! Now like any contest there are some rules.

  • you must fully furnish your build. Un-furnished will have points deducted.
  • You must place a billboard in front of your build marking it.
  • Builds are to be considered community places and fall under it’s rules. (doors unlocked, nothing can be stored in them and no one is allowed to damage them) This is the ONLY exception to the two base limit as technically it’s not your base.
  • Keep the size respectable – bigger doesn’t always mean better.

The judges will be looking for creativeness as well as intuitiveness. The contest starts at the start of wipe, you may sign up at any time, and will run for two weeks. We should have the results posted within a few days.

  • The prizes will be announced later in the week.

If you would like to sign up to the contest please use the form below. If you change your mind on the location of your build please let Tess know and update it on the form, editing is turned on. We would like to post them for everyone to be able to go check out the progress as well as get some screenshots. The judges will be watching all week long!