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Community Spotlight #2

Hello everyone! I am Tyrant Welcome to the second installment of Community Spotlights! This is a special edition where we highlight the developers of the server who are the ones who provide us with their skills and imagination to allow […]


TwitchRP – GTA Guide 06/18

GETTING STARTED First and foremost you must apply to be able to join our GTA servers. As all our servers are whitelist only you will need to be accepted. Head to the website and hit “Apply.” While you are there […]


The Dodo Dispatch (IC ARK NEWS)

The second edition of The Dodo Dispatch


Getting Started in our GTA RP Server

Last reviewed: 23rd Nov 2018 TRP has a GTA roleplay server! Here’s a quick primer to get you started. How To Apply It’s a whitelist-only server and we run the community through Discord. Join the Discord server here. To apply […]


How Ark: Survival Evolved and Twitch are breathing new life into roleplaying | PC Gamer

How streamers are enriching the dinosaur themed survival game. Source: How Ark: Survival Evolved and Twitch are breathing new life into roleplaying | PC Gamer


PC GAMER Article: I was drugged, forced to sing…

And that still wasn’t the most uncomfortable thing that happened to me. Source: I was drugged, forced to sing, and accused of murder in one night on an Ark roleplaying server | PC Gamer


Application Troubles?

Have you had an issue with applying to join TwitchRP through the website? GameWithMe has provided a handy solution: THIS IS ONLY IF YOU ARE HAVING ISSUES APPLYING. First go to the application page and notice where it says to […]


Welcome to ARK Season 15

Season 15 is live! We’re back on The Island and anxiously awaiting the release of Tek Tier, currently scheduled for 21st December. We’ve made a lot of notable changes so as always, read the rules and try not to get […]


Meet The Community Team

Now that the dust is settling on the new season, I thought it was time that you meet the community moderation team. As you will know from the rules, players are not supposed to contact the admins directly with server […]


The Storm Is Coming

Those of you who read the TwitchRP Discord will know that the server will wipe this week. We will be on The Island, in preparation for Wildcard’s upcoming 253 patch. Tek Tier Phase 1 HYPE! The wipe is scheduled for […]