season specific rules

1 –  You are not allowed to build map rooms.

2 – You are not allowed to build Alters.

They will be removed immediately and appropriate action will be taken. 

As the admins/moderators have provided you with these throughout the world you will not need them. To find the locations please go to our Conan lore page.

3 – It is required to have a signpost visible in the front of your home, in the event of a raid this is where raid notes will be. (Please make sure it isn’t too close to the building so it doesn’t get damaged)

4 – In the event of a raid it is required you leave a note on the persons signpost. To spawn in a note type /kit in the chat and chose notes. Put the note on your hotbar and place it on the sign, then click E on it to type your message.


These rules are for Conan only and are in addition to  TwitchRP General Rules.


1 – While we continue updating our whitelister, our server will remain password protected. We will post the password in the appropriate Discord channel; it’s your responsibility to check there for password changes.

Once you have the password, DO NOT GIVE IT OUT TO ANYONE. We are able to check each player’s steam64 ID, so we’ll know who’s supposed to be there and who snuck in. Any player found on the server without being accepted will be immediately banned from this and all future TRP servers. Any player found handing out the password to un-whitelisted players will be immediately banned from this and all future TRP servers.


2 – ADULT THEMES/NUDITY: Make sure you fully understand the TwitchRP General Rules regarding adult themes and nudity. We trust you to act responsibly.


Admin-created builds for a season are ALWAYS neutral, community builds – even though the builds may be owned by the admin tribes, or have a locked door hiding an admin spawn/fast-travel location inside it.

3 – Please see TwitchRP General Rules


4 – Chat in Conan should be considered voice, not text, and treat it as such – just like in the rest of our games. (Make sure to read the TwitchRP General Rules on Communication!)

You may use local chat only if VOIP stops working, but stay IC. Tribe chat is not allowed.


5 – AVATARS: If you’d like to summon an avatar, you must have an active declaration of war against another clan, and permission of the admin team. To petition the admin team, you and a member from the opposing clan must both message the same admin to state your intentions. The admins will need three people from each clan (unless the clan is fewer than three members) to confirm their wish to declare war/summon an avatar. Once your request is approved by an admin, we will enable avatars at an agreed-upon time.

YOU MUST USE AVATARS RESPONSIBLY! If anything other than the involved clans’ items are destroyed, both parties will be held liable.


6 – Upon death, you are not allowed to visit the area containing your body for the next 15 minutes. There must be NO doubt here from other players. Any loot you may have dropped is now forfeit, up for grabs by anyone. Do not go back for it. Your home, however, stays in your possession. If you die in the vicinity of your home, respawn elsewhere. You have no memory of your killer, or any event leading up to your death.

7 – If you are accidentally killed in a PVE situation, you may (or may not) be invited back to the RP by the people involved. They may (or may not) return the items found on your body at that time. Do not presume you are invited back; wait for the invitation.

Note: ALL players present must agree to invite you back – you may not just get invited back by your friend!

8 – In any PVP scenario, whether a skirmish or a full-out war, you are not allowed to respawn and return to the fight until approximately 15 minutes after immediate conflict is resolved. Returning to the battle is unrealistic, and both sides continually respawning means the fight would only end when players get tired, and not when one side gets the better of another.


9 – During an assault on a settlement, compound, or any other form of “base,” you are allowed to:

  • make only one new entrance (which is also your exit).
  • destroy only so much that is needed to plunder.
  • You may ONLY BREAK CHESTS AND FURNACES. Defenders, we suggest you move your chests away from your benches, so that your benches do not become collateral damage.
  • You MAY NOT DESTROY thrall wheels or altars.
  • You MAY NOT KILL PASSIVE THRALLS – you may attack fighters/archers, but passive thralls like dancers and crafters should be left alone UNLESS THEY HAVE BEEN ARMED AND ARE ATTACKING. Defenders, we suggest that you plan your thrall placement accordingly – do not place them next to chests, forges, or entrances, for example.
  • You are not allowed to destroy the entire base, or cause massive destruction to it.
  • If you are raiding, we suggest you record or stream your raid, so that if a report is filed against you, you have your own evidence.
  • Stealing from chests through windows IS allowed and is not considered a raid on a base and no note needs to be left. (make sure your chests can’t be accessed through your windows!)

10 – RAID NOTES: Once notes are working, you must leave a note claiming responsibility for the raid. If notes are bugged, you must place a billboard and a torch as close to the raided building’s entrance as you can. You must claim responsibility for the raid so that the defender gets some RP from the attack.


11 – Your tribe is allowed one “main” base and one smaller, separate location (for example, a main RP base, and a smaller, secure build for PVP). If an admin feels your build is too big, expect a request to downsize. (See “Base Building and Defense”)


12 – THRALL CAMPS: If you interfere with the major NPC settlements (Werewolf City, Pirate Ship, Sewer, Set City, etc), you will be asked to move. If you do not move, admins will remove your build for you.

The admins have the final say in any situation, and all rules are subject to change. When the admins review a situation, more than one opinion is used.