Empire of Bones – Conan

Welcome to Empire of Bones


TwitchRP Conan: Season 2


The dust swirled around her feet, enveloping her in a light layer as the flat, packing sounds of bare feet on stonebrick pattered beneath her, her breath coming ragged as she flew across the stones. It was not the sounds of her feet that stirred her, nor the sounds of her breath, nor even her heart pounding in her ears as she fled, but the bone-chilling sounds of an otherworldly laugh behind her.

She ran around a corner, determined to outpace the horde. She darted outside the city and into a cave, deep, deep into the ground, to hide. She let out an “ooof!” as the cave gave way to a large opening, like an arena, with an altar in the middle. Standing at the altar was a shrouded figure which turned to face her, rumbling low in its throat. Her blood ran cold as the clacking footfalls of the horde behind her caught up, catching her up by her arms. She screamed and her feet dragged in the dust, and the last thing she heard was the horde’s maniacal laughter as the figure before her raised a curved stone dagger high above its head…


The gods have abandoned the lands. How you got here is immaterial. Who is responsible is a question long lost to time. Perhaps there is a way to spirit yourself away from these lands. Some ritual…but who’s to say you won’t return as one of them?

Some time ago reports of undead sightings began murmuring through Panathea, more than usual. They had turned up at small homes, in fertile lands, spreading outward from their hubs of activity like the fabled City of the Dead and the caves of the Brimweavers near the east river. So far their numbers were few and manageable. But as the tales grow more frequent you may start to wonder if war is coming…or if it is indeed upon you already.


This season of Conan on TwitchRP explores the land of Panathea, fraught with uncertainty under the shadow of the undead hordes that have inexplicably popped up. This season’s lore is designed to allow the gods to take a backseat and explore a new threat – the dead.

There will be public altars to the Conan gods scattered throughout the lands for general use and crafting items. Pilgrimages for that Derketo costume or worship rituals are much encouraged. Additionally, followers of other deities, Conan-based or otherwise, are more than welcome.



This season we have a few mods. Pippi and Fashionist. Both are linked at the top of the page under mods>Conan. Pippi should be added first in your mod list.

There are a few changes to the chat with Pippi mod.

Type /help for a list of commands, some may not be enabled.

Type /Kit to bring up a box with spawnable items. From there you will see:

  • White Dye: By choosing this and hitting purchase you will be given 15 white dyes.
  • Black Dye: By choosing this and hitting purchase you will be given 15 black dyes.
  • Emotes: By choosing this and hitting purchase you will receive all the emotes. (hold R for the emote wheel)
  • Notes: By choosing this you will be given 5 notes which you can stick on someones signpost if you have raided them or for general mail.
  • Community Door: By choosing this and hitting purchase you will be given a door that you can change the settings so anyone has access to it (great for community builds!)


Season-specific rules are added to the top of the Conan rules. You are required to know and follow them all. 

Community Builds

This season we will have map rooms spread throughout the map as well as T3 Alters. We also will have a community center up and ready for you as soon as you spawn in. We have marked all the locations on the pictures below so you can add them to your maps in game.


Areas of interest




Community Center




Map rooms

These locations are map rooms only. 






Every alter has a map room nearby.