What is TwitchRP?

TwitchRP started back in the fall of 2015 by a group of streamers that were wanting a safe place for them and others like them to create content. Since then it has evolved into so much more. Today it is run by the admins:

  • GameWithMe
  • TessAnn
  • Shortyhage
  • RagingRavage

With the help of our Server teams:


Our servers are RP-PvP. Mainly RP with a little bit of PvP mixed in.

Is there a Discord I can join or Twitter to follow?

Yes, you can join the Discord here.

You can follow us on Twitter here.

I accidentally left the Discord how do I get my roles back?

There is a channel in the Discord #steam-64-ids There you will find a link that will assist you in finding your Steam ID. Once you post it in that channel a admin will search for you in the database and will update your role for you.

What servers/games do you guys run?

At the moment we have ARK, GTA, and Dark and Light.

From time to time we run a few other servers. These are considered ‘seasonal games’ as they will come and go like our ark seasons. Please watch our announcements channel on when we might have those servers available for you.

How do I apply to be whitelisted?

Click here to apply, alternatively, you can click the ‘apply’ button at the top of this page. From there you will see a drop-down where you can choose which game you would like to apply for.


How do I know I am accepted?

You will receive an email. You will also notice all the whitelisted rooms appear in the Discord. (as long as your Discord was connected properly)

I’m sorry at this time we have no way of alerting you that you were denied. From time to time we will wipe all the denied apps and you may apply again. 

How long does it take to be accepted?

There is no set time for how long it may take. Please keep your eyes on the Discord for any changes in whitelisting.

Please don’t message admins or mods asking them to check the status of your application. This is a breach of the rules found here.

Do I need to apply every wipe/season of the server?

You do not, whitelists are carried over each server wipe.


Where can I find the Rules?

You can find the rules by clicking the ‘Rules’ button at the top of this page. Or click here.

You will be brought to the General Rules that are across all TRP servers. From there, navigate to the bottom of the page and you will find server specific rules.


Do I need to be a streamer or Youtuber to apply?

You do not, TwitchRP is open to everyone!


Does TwitchRP have any public servers I can play on?

No, we are sorry, at this time we only run whitelisted servers.


How do I connect to the server or add to my favorites?

You can add it to Steam favorites by going to Steam -> Click ‘View’ (in the top left tool bar) -> Then click ‘ Servers ‘ -> Click ‘Favorites’ -> Click ‘add a server’ -> Type in the search box: the server ip  -> Then click ‘Add this address to favorites’

When you load the game up choose to filter by favorites and it should appear.

Note: if the server isn’t showing up try to add the ip without the port at the end.


The server ips are-

ARK: ark.twitchrp.com

CONAN: conan.twitchrp.com:27033

GTA: gta.twitchrp.com:30120

DnL: dnl.twitchrp.com

pixARK: pixark.twitchrp.com:27022

RUST: rust.twitchrp.com:28015

What are the ARK server rates?

XP Multiplier – 9

Harvest rate – 5

Taming speed – 7

Maturing speed – 10

Any further questions can be asked on our Discord or be found in our Announcements channel.