Getting Started in our GTA RP Server


Getting Started in our GTA RP Server

Last reviewed: 23rd Nov 2018

TRP has a GTA roleplay server! Here’s a quick primer to get you started.

How To Apply

It’s a whitelist-only server and we run the community through Discord. Join the Discord server here.

To apply to the GTA server, head on over to the Rules page and be prepared to follow those. Then check out the GTA server rules and be sure to understand them. Then hit the Apply button at the top of this page or go here and link your Steam and Discord accounts to the website. Please ensure that the Discord account you link is the same as the one you used to join our server.

Once your application is approved, you’ll get an email and a bunch of new GTA chat channels like #los-santos-gta-general will appear in the Discord.

You’ll need Grand Theft Auto V on PC and the FiveM mod to play. Both Steam and Rockstar Social Club versions of GTA V should work fine.

Installing FiveM:

  1. Go to
  2. Hit “Download Client”
  3. Copy the downloaded .exe file to your preferred install location (currently requires ~650MB of space)
  4. Run it and select your GTA 5 install directory when prompted (If you use Steam, right-click on the game, Properties > Local Files > Browse local files to check your directory)

Congratulations! You’re good to go!


FiveM will automatically download everything required to play on TRP’s GTA server.

We do suggest you download and install this MapZoomData.meta file and copy it into\citizen\common\data\ui. Be sure to rename your original file something memorable (e.g. MapZoomData.meta.old) if you wish to revert.

Server Rules

You are expected to know and abide by all the server rules listed here.


Blue Circle in middle: Gender

Green Circle on right: Barbershop

(Use Left and right arrow to change your selection, Enter to change color or skin tone.)

  1. Main Menu (Tilde ~ Key) -> Identity: Displays all your information if you set up your Identity correctly


  • You must disconnect from the game and rejoin the server.
  • Your server slot in the queue is reserved for 2 minutes after leaving.


  • 3 unique Jobs available –  Each with their own garages and stores
  • Go back to City Hall where you created your Identity and step inside the second Green Circle.
  • You have now chosen a profession and that specific Work Garage is now available to you.
  • 4 types of jobs:
    • Mission-based Deliveries:  Press DELETE to activate the Deliveries once inside the Vehicle
      • Pay is based on distance traveled
    • Player to Player selling: Use of Ads, meeting/interacting with people consistently
    • Whitelisted jobs: Police and EMS
    • Unemployed: Get to the Hustle and sell those drugs.
  • Only 1 Job active at a time (Uber does not count)
  • Each Job has its own unique set of perks, benefits, and depth when paired with specific Skills. Try different combinations of Jobs and Skills to discover hidden benefits!
  • Main Menu -> Phone -> Services to call/text what you need!

 Each Job has its own Vehicle Garage. Use the Map.

  • Uber Driver:  Drive both Players and NPCs to their destinations.
    • Driving Players: Drivers will receive a text message when a Player needs a ride. Look at the top right of the screen and select F5 to accept. The Driver will then receive a GPS route to the Player’s location. Pick up the Player, deliver them, and negotiate the price for the ride!
  • Deliveries: Random Legal or Illegal delivery missions.!
    • Head to your nearest post op grab a package take it to the location marked on the GPS. Returtn to post op to grab another package.
  • Mechanic: Tow, repair, change tires, and upgrade vehicles.

Purchase vehicle upgrades and repair kits to sell at mechanic stores

  • Los Santos Emergency Services: Apply for positions in Discord. Minimum of 1 week RPing as Civilian required.

You have now chosen a profession and that specific work garage is now available to you.

Congratulations! You’re ready to start your life in Los Santos. For more information on how our server works, check the full QuickStart guide.