Getting Started On GTARP

UPDATED AS 06/06/2021

Welcome to the TRP GTARP server! Please take a moment to look at the guide, if you have any questions feel free to ask in our Discord via the #gta-support channel! We have an active Development team who release new content consistently and communicates directly to the community via the Discord channels listed below.

Be sure to read the #gta-announcements, #gta-dev-announcements and #gta-changelog sections on the Discord to stay up to date, have a great time!


First and foremost you must apply to be able to join our GTA servers, click the “Apply.” button at the top the website to begin the process. During the waiting period you must familiarize yourself with our ruleset as all servers use varied guidelines for GTA Roleplay.

Once accepted make sure you are in the Discord to receive your role, if you did not receive it from the bot then please post your Steam 64ID in the Steam ID channel.

The server IP is located in #GTA-WELCOME on the Discord, you may find it hidden under a spoiler tag and it will appear as a black bar.

Creating Your First Character

When connecting to the TRP GTARP server for the first time you will find yourself in the line-up room, hit the ENTER key and navigate to the CREATE menu – from here you will be guided through the highly customizable creation process buying clothes and creating your character, after this you will be brought to your new apartment courtesy of the Los Santos Government.

Pressing [F1] on your keyboard will bring up your phone, navigating to your messages you will be able to claim your sponsored free vehicle out of the 5 available options – to reply hit [ENTER] and type the corresponding number.

Keybinds & Chat Commands

TIP: All key binds are all rebindable in Settings > Key Bindings > FiveM

  • F1 – Open Phone
  • I – Open Inventory
  • T – Open chat-box to use chat commands (/me, /report)
  • G – Player Menu (Character Options, Interactions, Vehicle, Inventory)
  • Z – Adjust VOIP Levels (Whisper, Normal, Yelling)
  • DEL – Cancel progress bar (Hacking, Robbing, Crafting)
  • F9 – Housing Menu (Unlock, Lock, Furniture)
  • B – Seatbelt
  • H – Press H to change high beams while in the driver’s seat
  • U – Lock/Unlock Vehicle Doors
  • Y – Open Trunk
  • H – Climb into trunk outside vehicle
  • K – Start/stop the engine

Most hobbies require items in your inventory in which you can right click to use but you can also use /fish as a shortcut to begin fishing.

  • /hack – Hack a nearby register or ATM to earn cash and XP (Datapad required)
  • /drill – Drill a bank door.
  • /pry – Pry a safe.
  • /hat – Take off your hat
  • /glasses – Take off your glasses
  • /report – Report a rulebreak in your area. This tags all nearby people and puts them in your report. Use this in conjunction with a report on the website. Support – Report Form.
  • ebind emotename – This binds an emote to your emote wheel, you can bind multiple.
  • /eclear – clears all emotes off your emote wheel.
  • /eremove emotename – This removes a specific emote from your emote wheel.
  • F5 – Cycle backward through emote selections.
  • F6 – Play selected emote.
  • F7 – Cycle forward through emote selections
  • F9 – Cancel emote.
  • /scene textcolor text – This let’s you choose the color of the text for the scene and the text that will be shown. Once you click enter, you will be put into a placement mode where you can place the scene against a solid object. Click to place the scene or back space to cancel.
  • /scenedel range – This will scrub/delete scenes in a specified range. Using “1” for range, will delete scenes in a confined area, “3” would be a wider area more suitable for deleting multiple scenes.

TIP: The best use of scenes is when you don’t use too many characters else it becomes hard to read and stacking too many scenes close together can also make it barely visible.

Learning The HUD

On the left you can see the [G] Player Menu you can see the radial dial where you can access the basic menus.
On the right we have the status rings, red bar being health, green is armor, yellow is hunger, blue is hydration and the two arrows outside the rings are a directional compass.
When you open the Inventory [I] you can right click items to give an item to another player or drop on the ground.

TIP: If you lose your debit card/don’t see one in your inventory you can go to any bank and pick up a new one

Getting Your First Job

You can head to the Job Centre to pick from “Open Jobs” but for “Whitelist Jobs” such as State Trooper or Paramedic it requires a separate whitelist you can apply for.

You can sign-up easily and begin the process of taking out the Los Santos trash with this starter job you will be given a Garbage Truck, once you begin your shift you will travel to waypoints to collect garbage bags around the city.

You can locate Biffa Logistics on your map with this icon 

The Go Postal is always looking for new employees! Another point-to-point job will require you to pick parcels up from the Post-OP Depot and deliver them to businesses and housing estates around the island (Pay is scaled by distance travelled)

So head to your local Go Postal building and get hired today, the map icon looks like this

Run your own business scrapping metal to build and repair vehicles or move up in the ranks and join a Mechanic Hub to tune and upgrade vehicles.

You can also find mechanic hubs on the map with this icon

Gain access to the vehicle import warehouses and use connections made in the city to open a Dealership to turn giant profits in the vehicle selling business.

Whitelist Jobs

Many jobs require you to submit an in-character application via the Department Of Justice.

We have a vast judicial system in which you can get the role of a small time paralegal to a lawyer, there are many layers and jobs available in this field such as a Judge that oversees cases in court and granting applicant requests such as the Realtor role.

Apply Here

State Trooper

The San Andreas State Police has many intuitive features for law enforcement, including a state of the art MDT, forensics and justice system. This a whitelist only job and is gated around many OOC requirements for consideration, including a minimum time commitment to stay active on the roster.

Openings for whitelisting may vary depending on what time zones are in need of staff.

Apply Here
Apply Here

Los Santos Emergency Services

Join the LSES in the fight to keep Los Santos a medically-sound thriving city, explore enriched scenes with our advanced systems to immerse you in our skilled detailed medical roleplay provided by our whitelisted staff.

You can find roles such as Doctors, Nurse, EMS and licensed Therapists.

Openings for whitelisting may vary depending on what time zones are in need of staff.

Apply Here
Apply Here


The lawyer job automatically receives legal aid money for each offender represented in the cells and is able to participate in our robust justice system, which includes the ability to file civil suits against the government. The lawyer job requires you pass the bar exam.
Apply Here


Not only can you have a main job which will be your main income if you desire, you can also pick-up a side hustle such as Fishing, Mining or Hunting for when you want to have a relaxing time collecting minerals for crafting or catching your next meal.

There’s also a wide-variety of races all over the island which can be viewed on the mini-map.

TIP: You can find most tools required at Supply Stores


We have an in-depth fleshed out housing system on the server, over 31+ categories with 500+ furniture pieces to customize your property.

There’s many different housing interiors to purchase at varying price points from your starting apartment to full scale warehouses to operate your legal or perhaps illegal activities.

Once in a property where you own the keys you will have access to the Furniture menu via the F9 menu – from here you can purchase, place, rotate and create a space entirely personalized for yourself.

f you are struggling to find your starter apartment after leaving then hit G > Character > Housing then deselect all except Apartment. Then check your mini-map and look for this icon.

TIP: To delete furniture hit DEL once to chose then hit DEL again.






Overtime you can accrued more skills by doing specific activities to gain XP in order to level up and unlock more abilities within the corresponding skills.

Doing heavy lifting such as Mining can help maintain your physical strength to battle against everyday problems you may find yourself coming across.

Cooking with chemicals, fine-tuning your hacking skills and improving your medical skills all come under your science category skill.

Learning and improving your mechanical skills with engineering, repairing and tuning will lead you to having better equipment and work more efficiently

It’s a hard life but perfecting your manufacturing skills of illicit substances and crafting ammunition for the criminal underworld of Los Santos will unlock new and interesting tools at your disposal.

You’re built for a life of crime? Work your way down the towering ladder of the criminal underworld of Los Santos with Lockpicking, Hustling, Plundering to put together a crew for the heist of a lifetime.

You may have the skills to pull of a heist but do you have the brains to not get caught? Forensics specialists on the LSSD will look under every unturned rock to find a crucial piece of evidence to take you down.

Trade is big across the island to keep the economy pumping, being a delivery person getting ingredients and parts to the places they need to be on-time will earn you a modest paycheque that will keep you on the right side of the law.

Vehicle Dealing is getting the fastest rides to the richest buyers in town, built up a company from the ground and get yourself into an industry that is overflowing with cash.

Illegal Activities

There’s many ways to make money illegal but equally as many opportunities to make money at the expense of others. You can produce your own marijuana to traffic throughout the island to many more than willing clients to buy. Put your wits to the test and hack using a Datapad or use old fashioned crowbars to break open safes to make a quick buck – play it smart and make millions, if you get sloppy the Los Santos Sheriff’s Department will be one step behind you.

Get a heist crew together and take on some of the biggest banks in America or do something quieter and create a scheme that’s so brilliant no trace leads back to you.

We won’t ruin too much for you, get on the server and connect with the right people and dive straight into the criminal life in Los Santos.


You can setup an organization when creating your business with many customization abilities like setting ranks and managing your assets. Once you feel like you’ve reached the next step you can purchase a warehouse facility to house, grow and store your valuables as a group which includes a communal garage that your group will have access to.

It's time for you to start your journey.story.character.narrative.adventure.