GTA Quick Start Guide



Welcome to TRP! The new home of RPFirst and TwitchRP. Please take a moment to look at the guide, if you have any questions feel free to ask in our discord!

We have an active Development team who release new content consistently and communicates our vision in Discord. Be sure to read the #gta-announcements and #gta-changelog sections to stay up to date. Enjoy!

Getting Started

  • First and foremost you must apply to be able to join our GTA servers. As all our servers are whitelist only you will need to be accepted. Head to the website and hit “Apply.”
  • While you are there be sure to read the rules, also found on our website.
  • Once accepted make sure you are in the Discord to receive your role, if you did not receive it from the bot then please post your Steam 64ID in the Steam ID channel.

Basic Info

  • Committing various crimes around the city will cause you to become wanted, while wanted npcs will treat you as a threat. NPC cops, Gang members and bikers will protect certain turfs
  • Items can be stored in your personal or vehicle inventory.  Vehicle inventory saves while in your garage.
  • You will become hungry and thirsty while in game. Markets (green basket icons) are shown around the map where you can purchase food and drinks.
  • Review the laws.
  • Drugs can be grown, harvested, processed, and sold at various points on the map as well as consumed from your inventory.
  • Several weapons are legally obtainable at the Ammu-Nation stores located around Los Santos. Illegal weapons are obtainable at black market locations.
  • Apartments are available for purchase at several locations around Los Santos.
  • Cars can be repaired by a mechanic.
  • If you die and are not revived you will lose your inventory. Respawn is available at 5 min, after 10 you will auto respawn. Read the rules on what you are allowed to remember and RP out any and all injuries for EMS.
  • Car washes are used to clean your car
  • Banks are marked but many places have atms that are not marked
  • There are robbable stores and banks.
  • When you place a Service Call (Any option under the Phone -> Service section, such as if calling for a tow or taxi) it will confirm if someone is in route and PING your EXACT location. Don’t move.
  • Please put away all vehicles or you will not be able to get them from the garage. ( you no longer lose your keys)
  • If you DC in jail, or there is a restart, You will have to walk out instead of TP to the front at the end of your time.

Basic key controls

  • N: Default VoIP
    • Settings -> Keybinds -> GTA Online to change to preferred key
  • Tilde ~ : Access the in-game Main Menu. This is where all primary actions are done. (EU:  æ/ø/å keys may apply)
  • Enter: Access the Sub-Menus inside the Main Menu
  • Backspace: Close/Backout of Sub-Menus and Main Menu
  • Escape: Opens up Map
    • Now, Left Click ONCE to make the map fullscreen.
    • Now, hit “Tab” ONCE to see the Legend.
  • T: Type in Global chat
    • /OOC Used strictly for in-game bugs that need immediate attention. Otherwise, post questions/issues in appropriate Discord channel
    • /me and /do are custom emotes used to deepen RP and describe actions, reactions, etc.
  • Main Menu -> Admin -> Call Admin: Used for emergency situations. Tab to backout.
  • Home Key: View how many players currently on the server.
  • X: Raise your hands
  • F9: Drop weapon in hand
  • B: Point
  • Shift+B: Alternative point.
  • Use the GTA Options Menu to find keybinds for walking, running, driving, etc.
  • F2: Toggles the HUD
  • ALT – Talk on Radio (Applicable to Police only at this time)
  • M: Makes your character ragdoll.
  • PageUp will increase Voip range cycle.
  • PageDown will decrease Voip range down.

Creating your character

Blue Circle in middle: Gender

Green Circle on right: Barbershop

(Use Left and right arrow to change your selection, Enter to change color or skin tone.)

  1. Main Menu (Tilde ~ Key) -> Identity: Displays all your information if you set up your Identity correctly

Character Swapping

  • You must disconnect from the game and rejoin the server.
  • Your server slot in the queue is reserved for 2 minutes after leaving.


  • Home Tab only displays the current number of people on the server.
    • Players will have to text their contacts to see if they are available.
  • PD has own Comm Room in Discord. It is only visible to PD and EMS to reduce Meta.
  • Players see the name of the person speaking displayed at the left side of their screens.
  • Menu option to toggle all display notifications for complete immersion.
  • Recommended ENB:
  • Block Numbers on Map
  • Walk Styles
  • Increased number of NPCs
  • Increased number of NPC Vehicles


Skills affect many things in Los Santos.  Some grant access to additional activities in town.  Others increase your chances of successfully completing activities.


  • Tuning -Your ability to Upgrade your vehicle
  • Engineering –
  • Repair -How well you can repair vehicles and possibly your relationships


  • Chemistry – This skill opens up new chemistry crafting options
  • Hacking – Your ability to hack electronic devices around you.
  • Study of Math – Your ability to make calculations


  • Racketeering –dishonest and fraudulent business dealings.
  • Lock Picking – aptitude at unlocking things that are locked
  • Plundering – How well you can talk like a pirate
  • Hustling – How well you can run that game.
  • Drug Manufacture -How close you are to Walter White
  • Forgery – The ability to forge documents
  • Drug Trafficking – Aptitude at pushing drugs
  • Safe Cracking -Your ability to crack safes
  • Stealth – How well you can hide


  • Strength: Increasing strength allows Players to hold more Items in their Personal Inventory
  • Fitness: Increasing stamina allows the player to run for longer amounts of time
  • Toughness: Increases health, allowing player to be tougher
  • Mining: How efficiently you are able to mine


  • Forensics: Ability to gather evidence at a crime scene.

Main phone menu

  • Admin – The admin menu contains help and ui related commands
    • Coords – Shows your current coordinates
    • Request GM– Sends a request to online admins, please include a message.
    • Show Housing– Shows/Hides House markers on map
  • Crime – Used to Commit Crimes
    • Call Around – allows you to turn on drug selling missions
    • Heist Bag – take off and put on your Heist Bag to hold Loot
    • Loot – to take things
  • Emotes
  • Identity – Shows all your player info (name, age, state ID)
    • Inventory – Your players inventory
    • Organization 
  • Phone:
    • Announce – Posts an announcement visible to everyone for a few seconds.
    • Commercial – buy, sell, work.
    • Medical – For use by medical professionals only, for medical purposes.
    • News – Breaking News!
    • Party – Organize a party.
    • Police – Only for police. Ex. wanted ad.
  • Directory – Your contacts.
  • Hang up
  • Sent messages – Read your sent SMS history.
  • Service – Call a service or emergency number.
    • Dealer – car dealer
    • Doctor
    • Driver
    • Lawyer
    • Mechanic
    • Police
    • Reporter
  • SMS history – Shows received SMS history.
  • Player
    • Ask ID – Ask for ID card from the nearest player.
    • Ask open trunk – Ask nearest player to open trunk.
    • Bill – Bill nearest player.
    • Give money – Give money to the nearest player.
    • Place in vehicle – Put the nearest handcuffed player in the nearest vehicle, as passenger.
    • Propose
    • Store weapons – Store your weapons in your inventory.
    • Take from vehicle – take the nearest handcuffed player out of the vehicle.
    • Take off mask
    • Toggle Uber – starts Uber jobs
  • Skills – toggles skills. Choose skills again to make go away.
  • Vehicle
    • Detach cargobobDetaches the cargo
    • Detach tow truck – Detach the vehicle from the tow
    • Detach trailerdetach the trailer
    • Engine on/offturn your vehicle off and on
    • lock/unlock – lock your car
    • Open front door – open your vehicle’s front door
    • Open rear door – open your vehicle’s rear door
    • Toggle hood – pop your hood
    • Trunk – pop your trunk
  • Walk styles – used to select your walk 


All GTA vehicles, including DLC, available for purchase at Simeon’s.

  • Simeon’s: All personal vehicles are purchased here. Once bought, the vehicle will be accessible at Garage locations.
  • Personal Garage: Buying a home or apartment gives Players a garage by their property that only they can access.
  • Business Garage: Buying a business gives Players a garage by their property that only they can access.
  • Player Mechanics: Purchase tuning upgrades for your vehicles from mechanics
  • Vehicle Menu: Most interaction with your personal vehicle is done through this menu
  • Trunk Storage: All vehicles have trunk storage to store legal and illegal items. Main Menu -> Vehicle -> Trunk
  • Lock/Unlock Shortcut Key: “U”
  • Blinkers: Left/Right Arrows
  • Windows: Up/Down Arrows
  • Realistic Damage
  • Default GTA Vehicle Handling
  • Upgrades: Vehicle upgrades can be sold an applied by players
  • Sell Personal Vehicle: Players can sell their personal vehicles to any Player for any price.


  • Banks: Deposit and withdraw money
  • Clothing: Change shirts, jackets, pants, shoes, hats, and glasses
  • Barbershops: Change your face, hair, and complexion
  • Bars: Purchase alcoholic beverages and some foods
  • Liquor Stores: Purchase alcoholic beverages
  • Food Store: Purchase food, drink and some basic items
  • Ammunation: Buy Legal Weapons, Flashlights, and Parachutes
  • Simeon’s: Purchase personal vehicles
  • Mechanic Stores: Mechanics can purchase vehicle upgrades and repair items
  • Emergency Stores: Law Enforcement can purchase job related items
  • Black Markets: Purchase illegal weapons and item

Making money

Legal and Illegal options

Some Jobs/Hobbies have built-in Illegal choices

Illegal Jobs/Hobbies have a scaled difficulty level. It’s possible to do some Illegal work solo, but is set up to reward those who work together and think outside the box. Bigger jobs require a coordinated crew with high payouts.


  • 3 unique Jobs available –  Each with their own garages and stores
  • Go back to City Hall where you created your Identity and step inside the second Green Circle.
  • You have now chosen a profession and that specific Work Garage is now available to you.
  • 4 types of jobs:
    • Mission-based Deliveries:  Press DELETE to activate the Deliveries once inside the Vehicle
      • Pay is based on distance traveled
    • Player to Player selling: Use of Ads, meeting/interacting with people consistently
    • Whitelisted jobs: Police and EMS
    • Unemployed: Get to the Hustle and sell those drugs.
  • Only 1 Job active at a time (Uber does not count)
  • Each Job has its own unique set of perks, benefits, and depth when paired with specific Skills. Try different combinations of Jobs and Skills to discover hidden benefits!
  • Main Menu -> Phone -> Services to call/text what you need!

 Each Job has its own Vehicle Garage. Use the Map.

  • Uber Driver:  Drive both Players and NPCs to their destinations.
    • Driving Players: Drivers will receive a text message when a Player needs a ride. Look at the top right of the screen and select F5 to accept. The Driver will then receive a GPS route to the Player’s location. Pick up the Player, deliver them, and negotiate the price for the ride!
  • Deliveries: Random Legal or Illegal delivery missions.!
    • Head to your nearest post op grab a package take it to the location marked on the GPS. Returtn to post op to grab another package.
  • Mechanic: Tow, repair, change tires, and upgrade vehicles.

Purchase vehicle upgrades and repair kits to sell at mechanic stores

  • Los Santos Emergency Services: Apply for positions in Discord. Minimum of 1 week RPing as Civilian required.


  • Hobbies are designed to be an additional way to make Money.
  • Hobbies are always available to everyone, no matter what Job you have chosen.
  • Some Hobbies require specific Skill levels to access all the content available.
  • Farming, Mining, Brewing, and Logging all require a specific Tool to be in the inventory to work.

Some hobbies are currently NOT on the Map or Legend. This is intentional. We want to finish them completely before we add them. For now, ask in RP where to find the locations.

Illegal activities

Some Illegal activities are NOT on the Map or Legend. This is intentional, RP to discover all the content that is available for Criminals.

  • Specific Crime Skill level required to unlock
  • Stealing Vehicles: Steal any car to hide, blend in, or move cargo discreetly.
  • Mugging: Hold up Players to take all the Money in their pockets.
    • Get creative! Find people who have large amounts of cash in their pockets.
  • Hacking: Hack Player’s bank accounts discreetly.
  • Looting: Loot unconscious bodies and steal their belongings
  • Gathering, Processing, and Selling Weed
    • Smoking Weed = Restore Health
  • Selling or using Meth
  • Buying, and Selling Cocaine
  • Robbing Stores: Outsmart PD to steal ingredients needed for other Illegal activities and dirty cash
  • Robbing/Hacking Businesses: Outsmart PD to steal small sums of dirty money or transfer hacked capital to your own business
  • Robbing Banks: Outsmart PD to steal large sums of dirty money
    • Recommended for Crews
  • Clothing Store: Thousands of clothing customization options, including masks, to hide and conceal your identity when needed.
  • Walk Style: helpful for blending into crowds.

Criminal activities

Progression system in Criminal RP. Crime skill unlocks more content as you climb your way through the ranks of crime.

  • Running Weed is meant to be the second most quiet/subtle for of Criminal RP.
  • Get creative with Weed RP! Weed has the additional benefit of increasing health when smoked. Use this to your advantage if you run Weed. Example: Sell individual joints for more than what the Dealer will pay, but less than the price of White Pills. If done right, this could turn into a profitable side business for those who want a cheaper alternative to White Pills.
  • Remember; Skills matter! Get the most return on Weed by maxing out your Skills. Find out in game what each one does.
  • Store Robberies: These are the next step up in Criminal RP. There is an immediate risk since PD is alerted to the location. However, if you are able to get away then the risk is rewarded by increased payouts and an opening to Meth/Coke runs.
  • Bank Robberies are the next level of Criminal RP. Pulling these off is TOUGH. Coordination and teamwork are key in order for Criminals to pull these off successfully.
  • Heists are for the best Criminal crews in Los Santos. They require exploration and knowledge of the city to find the required items to start the Heist. In addition, they require planning and coordination to execute successfully. The rewards are exclusive items not found anywhere else in the city.
  • There are additional, smaller Criminal options: mugging, and hacking. Incorporate these into your RP to help build your criminal organization. Get creative with these options
  • Finally, Remember to work together! This will always result in Players making more money. This is intentional, so that the server will RP together. It is possible to make money doing work alone, but we reward those who work as a team with more money.


  • Basic and Luxury Apartment buildings with multiple rooms available for purchase
  • Tons of Homes available for purchase
  • Basic, Mid-Level, Luxury, and Speciality housing
  • Housing Perks: Closet to save your favorite outfits, Private storage and a personal garage for your vehicles
  • Use the House Blips Toggle command in the Admin menu to show houses on the map.  Available houses and apartments have a larger icon with a dollar sign


  • Organization license can be purchased from city hall
  • Organizations can are created from your phone menu
  • Explore the Island to discover all the the possibilities of organizations