GTA Rules


Read all of the rules carefully. Claiming ignorance of these rules is not allowed and will result in at least a 24-hour ban.

1 – You must be a member of TRP Discord. Change your Discord name to include your RP name as soon you join. Example: “Discord Name (RP Character Name)” if they are the same name then please repeat them.

2 – You must make an ID at City Hall the first time you enter the server.


All rules are in addition to TRPs General Rules

1 – Respect others at all times. Racism, hate speech, rape, and sexual harassment are not allowed.

2 – NO ERP on the server.

3 – Do not grief others. Griefing is the act of intentionally angering or irritating another player with malicious intent. Example: Consistently stalking a player to force RP.

4 – Value of Life: You must value your life and the lives of others. For example, do not attempt to draw a weapon while being held at gunpoint or carelessly injure NPCs. You may not run at someone with a melee weapon if at gunpoint – you may only defend yourself at a realistic distance.

5 – No PD baiting. Value for your life/freedom and strive to not get caught in a crime. Jail/ Fines are not to be treated lightly.

6 – Meta-gaming: Do not act on any information obtained through means other than direct RP.

7 – Snipers and/or revolvers are only allowed to be used on vehicles.

8- Vehicle repairs are not to be used from inside a car during any chase by either party, criminal or PD. You must be clear of any situation before starting repairs unless standing outside the vehicle.

9- You must never go into a apartment to avoid consequences or advertise “loitering parties.” There is zero tolerance for wasting server slots and looking to circumvent server rules.

10- PD Rules: These rules will be given to you when you are accepted to the PD role and they are to be treated as official server rules.


Powergaming is the process of gaining an advantage in a RP scenario, either by using in-game mechanics or RP, to give the other players involved no opportunity to interact or defend themselves. It gives the other people involved in RP no option but to lose.

11 – Powergaming of any form is prohibited.

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Constantly speaking over players and not allowing them to speak or defend themselves.
  • Robbing Players without giving them an opportunity to speak or defend themselves.
  • Putting someone in a position and not allowing them to have a way out.


12 – RDM (Random Death Match) is never allowed. Conflict must be initiated either verbally, through texts, or ads.

  • The only exception to the rule applies to Store Robberies, Bank Robberies, and Heists. In these 3 scenarios both parties will assume gunfire will happen without verbal, text, or ad communication. Read PD rules carefully.

13 – Ads are to be the last resort for initiating conflict and only used when all other options have been exhausted.

14 – Gunfire that does not injure or down a player is not considered RDM. Example: Shooting at the ground in front of a Player’s feet to get their attention.

15 – Teleports (Enter/Exits) – cannot be camped. You must let people grab the nearest cover and have time to respond to any threat. You cannot mow someone down or kidnap someone at a load in point.

Heist Rules

These must be followed for any robberies, as the culprit or responding officer.

16 – PD must immediately identify themselves when arriving on scene and attempt verbal communication before firing their weapon.

  • Criminals MUST be in the immediate area for this to apply to them.
  • Police and Criminals must be set to Shout. (Type “/voip shout” in chat).

This is in effect from the moment the Robbery/Heist is started until either

  • The Criminals involved are arrested and/or
  • The Criminals involved escape.

17 – PD will assume that suppressive shots will be fired at them without verbal communication from Criminals.

18 – PD and Criminals are allowed to return fire with the intent to injure/put down once they receive suppressive fire from each other.

  • Criminals and PD must be given an opportunity to take cover if loading in an entry point before firing. Example: Police take the elevator in FIB – the criminals must not camp the load in point. They may not fire suppressive rounds until they’ve been given the chance to get cover.
  • Do NOT attempt to pull out a weapon, raise your weapon, or shoot if a Player has you at gunpoint. Example: Criminal runs out of Store, weapon in hand, into a PD Officer who has his gun pointed at him. At this point, the Criminal is NOT allowed to raise his weapon and attempt to shoot because it is not valuing life.

19 – Criminals are NOT required to use verbal communication before firing at PD.

However, they must use suppressive fire if they choose not to verbally communicate first. Suppressive fire means firing shots at PD with the intent to push them back into cover without injuring them. Give PD the opportunity to take cover, react, and fire back before shooting with the intent to down the PD Player.

Suppressive Fire Examples:

  • Shooting at the feet of PD
  • Shooting the car doors and hood of a PD car
  • Shooting at the side and tail of a PD chopper.

20 – DO NOT log out in the middle of combat, i.e. combat logging.

21 – Do not go to the barbershop with the intent to drastically change your appearance if wanted by PD. Examples of what is NOT allowed: Changing your face, eyebrows, hairstyle, age, etc. Examples of what IS allowed: Dyeing hair, putting on a painted mask, shaving beard off, etc.

22 –  You cannot complete any heist with more than 4 people involved in the heist. This allows counter play to the police.

23 – You cannot knowingly coordinate heists to start at the same time. Give at least 10 minutes between completion of heists. (This meta is terribly unfair to police)

24 –  The Police Lockup, IAA Databank, Pacific Standard Bank and the FIB Building are all considered hostile robberies. If robbing these locations you SHOULD expect a gunfight. If trying to run with a weapon – police may use force. If trying to escape in a vehicle –  police may use force. It should be expected that the police will breach these locations.

New life rule

Please read this rule carefully. It is different from other servers.

25 – Revived after being downed = remember what happened, but not who did it. You remember the events and circumstances leading to your death (Place and how it was done), but not who was involved (you don’t remember if it was male/female, what they wore, or how they spoke).

26 – If ALS’d you do not remember anything leading up to your death.

27 – If killed from explosions or falling from great heights. Players can be revived but must not remember anything leading up to your death.

28 – The downed player must speak or emote to EMS/PD to indicate they want to be revived or ALSed. Example “/me no pulse” tells PD/EMS to not revive and “/me weak pulse” tells PD to revive them.

This applies to PD, but they are NOT required to RP a limp or severe trauma that causes them to go off duty unless they choose to. This means higher-ranked PD officers cannot force others to go off duty due to injury – that is a violation of rule 28.

29 – EMS/PD will not revive downed players until they indicate that is what they want.

30 – The LSPD can charge/arrest Players for crimes committed before they respawned.

  • CRIMINALS This means you cannot respawn and claim memory loss to keep PD from charging you with crimes. Get creative: Use masks, different voices, different outfits, different vehicles, change your license plates, etc. if you want to conceal your identity and not have a paper trail lead back to you.
  • CRIMINALS You must wait 1 hour before re-engaging in the conflict that caused you to be downed/respawn.

We ask you use common sense: If you are shot multiple times, fall off of a building, or go down  in an explosion then do not re-engage even if it’s been 1 hour. RP serious injuries.

Examples of what is NOT allowed:

  • Respawn and then immediately drive a car to pick up your wanted friend who you just attempted to rob the bank with
  • EMS revives PD Officer who then immediately starts chasing the Criminal(s) who escaped a Robbery.

31 – If you want to claim having a bomb vest or having an explosive please have an explosive to show this. There needs to be counter play for the other side.

32 – Sniper rifles and/or revolvers must not be used on players and primary function should be to disable vehicles.


33 – Do not speak If your injuries would cause you to be unconscious. Wait until EMS arrives to emote (/me) your injuries.

34 – Logging out while down and waiting for EMS is prohibited.

35 – Do not call “headshots” or say what another character’s injuries are.

36 – Use discretion with accidental death or knockouts.

37 – PD can say they were hit in their Body Armor when downed in gunfights (regardless of where shot or how many times shot), so that they can stay on duty to keep all server content open.

The admins have the final say in any situation, and all rules are subject to change. Additionally, admins may decide to take action over something not listed here. When the admins review a situation, more than one opinion is used.