Now that the dust is settling on the new season, I thought it was time that you meet the community moderation team. As you will know from the rules, players are not supposed to contact the admins directly with server questions. They’re a busy lot and taking individual questions from the thousands of people whitelisted would be insane. For that, we have the moderators: Claytor22, KOappC and Weefz (that’s me).

We’re here to clarify rules, provide guidance on handling sticky situations and generally answer questions about the server. Feel free to DM us on Discord with your questions, issues or any feedback you may have that you’d rather not say in public. We’re all in different timezones so chose your victim friendly neighbourhood mod carefully for a timely response.

KOappC is on the KST timezone. “I’m still a roleplay baby in terms of most of the beautiful people here, but I’ve been roleplaying and acting on and off for 10 years. More personally, I was born in Detroit, USA, and currently live in Seoul, South Korea and have been for the last five years as a kindergarten teacher. I’ve been playing on TwitchRP since May of this year, but been an avid viewer for much longer than that. I’ve played characters from overly-friendly matchmakers to totally never kidnapped citizen of America during the Scorched Earth season, and definitely not a possessed sabertooth breeder who drank blood last season. I love TwitchRP and everyone here, can’t wait to make more stories together.”

I’m Weefz, based in the UK so am mostly around during GMT daylight or US evenings. I joined TwitchRP in season one as my first real experience role-playing with other people and I’m still here over a year later. I set up TwitchRP.News and ran around as an in-game reporter, covering the awesome stuff that I stumbled across. That’s currently taking a back seat while I explore new characters. I’m still spreading the news, but this time in the form of OOC server announcements and answering questions.

Claytor22 is in the US PST timezone. “I guess you could say I am a oddball, goofy, and knowledgeable. I have always had a passion for games. I have been RP-ing for 15+ years and have more rules for systems in my head then I have fingers. Ark role-play is new to me, but it is amazing and fun. It is more freeing and things move faster then I’m used to. I am always willing to answer almost anything so feel free to ask the magic 8 ball.”

We do talk to the admins on a daily basis so rest assured, we’re all on the same page and will discuss complex concerns. Talk to us. We’re here for you.

See you in Discord!