Deputy Guide


Duties and Responsibilities:

Out of Character (OOC):

  • Provide Collaborative RP for your town, criminals, and other Law characters.
  • Be on your Deputy character at least 2 days a week.
  • Follow all Server Rules, Community Rules, and related Guidelines at all times. You will be held to a higher standard of conduct and RP while Deputy
    • If the Community Managers determine a server or community rule was broken, your law perms maybe removed regardless of which character the rulebreak occurred on.
    • Abuse of Law mechanics will result in removal of your Law role.
  • All IC conflicts are expected to be resolved IC

In Character (IC):

At the Sheriff’s discretion, the following are possible duties you may or may not be expected to carry out:

  • Enforce the law in your jurisdiction, per the Sheriff’s discretion
  • Arrest, Jail, and/or Fine lawbreakers
  • Inform newcomers of any town-specific laws.
  • Assist the Sheriff with maintaining up-to-date criminal records.
  • With the Sheriff’s permission, pursue bounties for criminals wanted in your town



  • The maximum number of deputies per town is 5
  • Posses:
    • Posse leaders are responsible for all actions taken by the posse (including civilian casualties)
      • If the Posse members do not cooperate with investigations, the Posse leader will be charged for the crimes committed.
    • Max size outside town limits: 6
    • Max size inside town limits: 8
      • Posse’s with 8 people must be led by the Sheriff and cannot leave the town limits.


  • Star belt buckle visible at all times while working as a deputy
    • Star belt buckles start at number 57
  • Additional uniform requirements per Sheriff’s discretion


As a Sheriff’s Deputy, your job is to assist the Sheriff with enforcing the laws of the town. You may help by tracking down bounties or watching over the town while the Sheriff is not around. The Sheriff of your jurisdiction is responsible for your training and payment for being a Deputy.

You can NOT alter or remove currently existing criminal records.

You must follow server rules at all times. Unless fired upon first, you must make verbal contact before firing.

While On-Duty as a Deputy (I.E. Wearing your badge and/or identifying as a Deputy to a bounty target), you cannot track down bounties that are not currently wanted in your jurisdiction.

You need to have a good understanding of the Law menu and its features. If you have a question, ask your Sheriff. You may play a “lazy” Deputy, but you must still know how to use the Law menu and its features appropriately.

Your character is liable to face severe consequences for misconduct/corruption from your hiring Sheriff and potentially the US Marshal Service. Additionally, rule violations on this character such as server exploitation or abuse of law mechanics will result in more severe admin action.


Hiring and Firing:

You must be hired by a Sheriff for a specific town. You will need to provide that player the following info so they can notify the Community Managers to help get your perms set up:

  • Discord Name
  • Player ID (/players)
  • Character name
  • Character Passport


Sheriff’s reserve the right to hire or fire at any time for any IC reason. If they choose to fire you as a Deputy, you will be required to work with the Community Managers to remove those perms in a timely fashion.

In the event a Sheriff is incapacitated or unable to continue as Sheriff (for IC or OOC reasons), your position as Deputy is considered terminated immediately. An Ad Hoc election will take place soon after in order to elect a new Sheriff, for which you may apply following the application steps.You are not given priority as a candidate for the position if you were/are a Deputy. Deputies cannot serve as Interim Sheriffs while an Ad Hoc election takes place.


  • You will not have the law menu outside of your jurisdiction.
    • You may not enforce the law outside of your jurisdiction, however:
      • You can be deputized for temporary service beyond your jurisdiction by other Sheriffs or Marshals.
        • Sheriffs should prioritize civilians or deputies from their Jurisdiction before seeking help from outside of the Jurisdiction
      • You may pursue suspects outside of your jurisdiction if they are wanted in your jurisdiction.
      • If you are in another Sheriff’s jurisdiction and are tracking the same person, concede the capture to them and search for that person another day.
        • If the person has been apprehended in another Jurisdiction, do not go there yourself and/or try to get a Marshal to charge them for crimes from your Jurisdiction as well.
      • Criminal actions that start in your jurisdiction that are immediately followed by other crimes outside of your jurisdiction can be charged by you.
        • Example: Sudden Abduction happens in your jurisdiction, then taken to a place outside of your jurisdiction where they are assaulted and robbed.
  • In cases involving Serious Felonies, prisoner safety, or suspected corruption, the US Marshal Service may take over within the Sheriff’s jurisdiction
    • Marshals may assist with processing if you ask for help but unless a Marshal requests to take over, you are responsible for processing that person.

Town Ordinances:

  • Maximum fine: $75

  • Maximum time: 5 days

You cannot place bounties for violations of Town Ordinances.

Detainment, Arrests, and Fines:

Detaining an individual is to place them into your custody and restrict their ability to leave before interrogation. Arresting an individual is restraining an individual’s movement with the intent to fine and/or jail them for violating the law. At the time of arrest, you must state why they are being arrested.

Before detaining or arresting, you must clearly identify yourself and whether the suspect is being detained or arrested should be made clear to them. Restraints (such as Handcuffs) should not be used during Detainment unless that individual has attempted to escape your custody.

If interrogation or questioning is required, ensure you and the suspect are in a safe area before beginning any line of questioning or interrogation.

Once a positive identity is made and you are certain of the suspect’s guilt, make every effort to finalize sentencing, fines, and jail time within a reasonable time frame. Avoid extended periods of inactivity and isolation in cells or holding areas.

As a Deputy, you may only Jail or Fine someone charged with crimes in your jurisdiction. If you come across a crime(s) being committed outside of your jurisdiction you should report it to a Marshal or the local Sheriff.

Fines should be fair and reasonable to the crime(s) committed and should almost never be the max fine.

If you arrest someone, you must follow through with the process in its entirety or ensure they get processed in a reasonable time.

Deputies are not permitted to sentence Jail Time longer than 30 days (30 minutes).

Identifying Characters:

You can not use voice as your only means to identify someone. There must be some other info to identify someone or suspect someone’s identity.

Possible traits you can use are:

  • Clothing and Hats
  • Hair
  • Job/Profession
  • Known associates
  • Horse breed or coloring.

While processing, you will need the convicts full legal name to create a criminal record. Attempt to RP with them to obtain their name. If they do not provide a form of ID with their legal name in RP, or provide a false name, you can add a Fraud charge. If the player refuses to give a valid legal name or ID despite all RP attempts to get one, you should open a ticket to notify the server staff. Once a ticket is opened, proceed with sentencing and fining and keep notes on your actions to provide to the server staff.

Some common time-period forms of ID:

  • Vaccination Records
  • Landing Papers
  • Military DIscharge Papers
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Photo ID



  1. Detain a suspect and move them to a nearby safe location for questioning
    1. If you have evidence of a crime, or get evidence after questioning, inform them they are under arrest.
  2. Take them to your jurisdiction and process them.
  3. Inform them you will take their weapons while serving time.
    1. “Take Weapons” found in L > Law > Processing menu
  4. Remove cuffs after locking the jail cell and taking their weapons.
    1. You should not be in the jail cell with someone while they are uncuffed!
  5. Make sure to look up their criminal record at this stage!
  6. Inform them of their crime(s) and what their fine and jail time will be.
    1. Once this is done you can NOT change their crime(s), fine, or time!
  7. Fine the individual then jail them.
    1. On a successful fine, you will receive a notification. You cannot fine more than what they have in their bank account.
      1. A failed fine attempt will not result in a notification at all.
  8. Add to the Criminal Records.
  9. Make sure to return weapons to them after their sentence is complete unless the weapon(s) were used in the crime(s) committed.
    1. Never return ammunition for weapons even if those weapons were not used in a crime.


Anytime a criminal is sentenced to jail time, a mug shot should be taken and added to their criminal record.

  1. Clearly RP taking the mug shot.
  2. Take a screenshot of the criminal
    1. Recommended app: ShareX (see Setup below)
    2. Picture should be close to a square, from the shoulders up, and clearly capture the criminal’s face.
    3. Pictures should be taken in a well lit space. Utilize additional lighting if it is dark or nighttime in order to get the best quality.
    4. Do not add a filter to the screenshots! A filter is automatically applied when they are added to the criminal records system.
  3. Upload the screenshot to Imgur then copy the image link.
  4. Select the criminal record, then click “View Record.”
  5. Click the mugshot space, paste the image address.

ShareX Setup:

We use and recommend ShareX as it streamlines the mugshot-to-criminal-record pipeline!

  1. Download and install ShareX.
    2. Select the most recent version.
    3. Download and run that version’s setup.exe 
  2. Set your “Capture region” hotkey. 
    1. Hotkey Settings is found in the left column.
    2. You’ll use “Capture region” to take mug shots. 
  3. Set ShareX to automatically share screen capture to Imgur. 
    1. Click “After capture tasks”. 
    2. From the dropdown, click “Upload image to host” to select.
  4. Set ShareX to automatically add the Imgur address to your clipboard.
    1. Click “After upload tasks”.
    2. From dropdown, click “Copy URL to clipboard” to select.
  5. Set Image upload destination to Imgur.
    1. Click “Destinations”
      1. From the dropdown, hover over “Image Uploader” then select “Imgur” from the new dropdown.
  6. Setup complete! To use:
    1. Press the “Capture region” hotkey you just set to take your mugshot. 
    2. Open criminal record and press “CTRL + V” to paste the Imgur URL. Done! 

Criminal Record Creation:

  1. Go to the desk and find the “View Records” prompt
  2. Follow the prompt and open the folder
  3. Select the Criminal Records tab on the top left of the folder.
  4. Select “Create Record” on the “Criminal Records” page.
  5. Enter the information you have
    1. Required info:
      1. Full legal name as it appears on their ID
      2. Gender (male or female)
      3. Age
      4. Crime(s)
      5. Sentence
      6. Fine
      7. Description of the crime (max 255 characters)
  6. Verify you have entered all information correctly then select “Add Record”.
  7. Go back to the “Criminal Records” tab and verify the record has been created.
    1. If it was not added to the bottom of the list then either:
      1. You are missing something from Required Info
      2. You did not spell their name correctly
      3. They provided you with the wrong name or spelling.


Always take into consideration time served during the sentencing process. Time with little to no RP collaboration during detainment or processing should be subtracted from remaining time left to serve in the cells.

Fines should be fair and reasonable to the crime(s) committed and should almost never be the max fine. Deputies are not permitted to sentence Jail Time longer than 30 days (30 minutes).

Make sure to update the criminal records while the individual serves their time or immediately after release.

Life Sentences:

Deputies are not permitted to initiate a life sentence vote, but may participate in voting.

Life sentences must be unanimously agreed on by 3 separate lawmen (Sheriff, Marshal, or Deputy) OR 2 Lawmen (1 Deputy max) and 1 honorable and impartial citizen, and can be overturned by a Community Manager. Discussing the possibility of a life sentence must be done in front of the accused so they can participate.

If consensus is reached and it’s agreed a life sentence is appropriate the convicted must then be given the option of:

    1. Life Sentence: Sentence to be served in prison.
      1. This provides the option for the convicted to seek Parole conditions with the Attorney General’s office and a Judge.
      2. This also provides them the time to seek Community Manager input if they feel it was unjust.
    2. Death Sentence: Death by firing squad or hanging. This provides a dramatic end to the character’s story.
  • Hanging RP is not allowed on the server. If a player wishes it to be server canon that they were sentenced to hang, so be it. However, the act will not be permitted to be role-played out on the server.

Clearing Bounties:

  • Existing bounties should be rescinded only in cases of legal self-defense OR payment by money or labor exchange.
  • In cases where the presiding Lawmen may be biased in their determination to rescind the bounty, an alternative Sheriff or Marshal should be contacted to make the decision
  • When bounties are cleared, funds received should be (in this order):
    • Used to pay the bounty hunter who turned in the bounty
    • Given to the victim(s) if any can be located
    • Transferred to your Sheriff to add to the Jurisdiction fund.

NOTE: Bypassing the above steps and pocketing the funds, or clearing a bounty for a friend without evidence of self-defense, are good examples of corruption and would be considered “fraud” by an investigating US Marshal.


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