These rules are for Rust only and are in addition to TwitchRP General Rules.


1 – ADULT THEMES/NUDITY: Do not make nudity the focus of your role-play; remember that there are people behind the characters you meet in-game who may have children in the room with them, or may not want to RP nudity. It is grossly inappropriate to run around asking other players to look at or touch your private parts; immediate action will be taken by the admin team if this happens.

2 – CHARACTER NAMES: You may not have a link in your name.

3 – Do not glitch any elements of the games or use exploits.


4 – Identifying players or structures through use of their nameplate is considered insufficient RP and is prohibited. This includes:

  • using chat (considered a VOICE radio) tags to find group and character names,
  • using your HUD on a structure of any kind,
  • or using destruction logs to find out who has raided you. If you were raided and the evidence left is false (the raiders blamed someone else), you may not act on your tribe log information. You should follow the false trail and ask around for more information. DO NOT, under any circumstances, confront the raiders and suggest that “a little birdie” told you who really raided you, unless you have the RP proof to back that assertion up.

5 – ALT CHARACTERS: If you have a second character, your characters must have completely separate lives in different tribes. You may not have both characters logged into the server at the same time; this gives you an unfair advantage, and takes up a player slot during busy times.


Community buildings are structures built for community RP, like schools, libraries, restaurants, saunas, etc. These buildings MAY NOT be used for a home; items should be stored elsewhere. ALL doors and chests must be unlocked to prevent raiding – if you leave locked storage in your structure, you should expect that it will get broken into. Do not leave anything in your structure you would be sad to lose. Community buildings MUST have a sign next to all front doors with the word “COMMUNITY” on it to be considered an RP structure. Your community building must be accessible by the community 24/7; you cannot claim a community building exemption for a structure in your base.

Admin-created builds for a season are ALWAYS neutral, community builds – even though the builds may be owned by the admin tribes.

6 – You may not raid a community building!

7 – If you are found abusing the system by creating a communal building as a front for something else, or by hiding a person or their belongings inside, the building is subject to demolition under an admin’s discretion.

8 – RP-PVP IS ALLOWED inside these buildings, as long as it does not damage the building. No explosives!


9 – Using external communication in RP is prohibited. In-game VOIP allows everyone to hear you.

10 – The radio should be considered voice, not text. If someone is typing next to you on the radio, and they are in disguise, but you have met them before, you can recognize their voice. (If they stay silent, of course, then you don’t recognize them if their face is hidden.)

11 – Treat the radio as realistically as possible.

  • No emoticons or text-speak should be used, and unless you have met someone previously, you do not know the name and tribe of the people chatting.
  • Additionally, the radio should be used to facilitate RP (arranging a meet-up, checking if someone is awake, etc.), and NOT as your primary mode of RP; your story should not play out over the radio, which can drown out everyone else, but rather should play out in person.

12 – You are not allowed to learn character names or tribe names from the radio, because it is voice. (See metagaming section above.) Certainly, if you’ve met a character before, you would recognize their voice. But if you’ve never interacted with a character, unless they specifically state their name or their tribe’s name, all you know is their voice. When you finally meet, it is absolutely within RP to say, “Oh, you’re [Character Name]! I recognize your voice from the radio!”


13 – Do not kill sleepers immediately after restarts; allow them at the very least five minutes to log in before resuming combat. (This only applies to restarts! You ARE allowed to kill sleepers during raids!)

14 – You may fight over drops or land grab scenarios in a role-play manner. For example:

  • If you arrive at a drop and someone is there, you can choose to challenge them on the drop. You must role-play the situation and make sure the other side understands that if you both fight over it someone may die.
  • You may fight over land, but you must RP the challenge. Any time you destroy someone’s structure, you must follow the rules of a raid, and leave a note. (See section on raiding below.)


15 – Upon death, you are not allowed to visit the area containing your body for the next 15 minutes. There must be NO doubt here from other players. Any loot you may have dropped is now forfeit, up for grabs by anyone. Do not go back for it. Your home, however, stays in your possession. If you die in the vicinity of your home, respawn at the beach. You have no memory of your killer, or any event leading up to your death.

If you are accidentally killed in a PVE situation, you may (or may not) be invited back to the RP by the people involved. They may (or may not) return the items found on your body at that time. Do not presume you are invited back; wait for the invitation. EVERYONE around you at the time of your death must agree to you coming back.

16 – In any PVP scenario, whether a skirmish or a full-out war, you are not allowed to respawn and return to the fight until the immediate conflict is resolved. Returning to the battle is unrealistic, and both sides continually respawning means the fight would only end when players get tired, and not when one side gets the better of another.


17 – During an assault on a settlement, compound, or any other form of “base,” you are allowed to:

  • make only one new entrance (which is also your exit).
  • destroy only so much that is needed to plunder. You may not drop stolen goods on the floor to despawn; this is considered griefing. If you destroy containers, and do not need the contents inside, please put the loot into nearby containers.
  • You are not allowed to destroy the entire base, or cause massive destruction to it.

18 – You are not allowed to use rocket launchers for RP-PVP or raiding on TwitchRP. They create excessive damage to structures.

19 – You MAY NOT steal someone’s base. You must leave the permissions box alone when raiding a base.

20 – RAID NOTES: During an offline raid on someone’s home, you must leave a note for the owner to find. The note must provide an actual RP trail for the victim to follow, including a hint as to the real culprit. There should be no doubt from the recipient.

If you were witnessed (i.e. chased off or caught) by a third party, you ARE STILL REQUIRED to leave a note.

Your note must lead to some form of RP for the victim. If it is deemed an insufficient or poor note, or you’ve simply blamed someone random, the admin team reserves the right to deem your raid as a rule break.

You MUST build a mailbox outside your home so that raiders have somewhere to leave their note.

Be aware that continuous raiding could lead to harassment. Be respectful of your fellow player and the time they put into the game. Role-play should always be a priority.


21 – Your tribe/clan is allowed one “main” base and one smaller, separate location (for example, a main RP base, and a smaller, secure build for PVP). If an admin feels your build is too big, expect a request to downsize. (See “Base Building and Defense”)


Though the mods we select for TwitchRP have low-poly counts, every single item placed on the server contributes to lag. To keep TRP running smoothly, please be aware of how much you are placing and building – a little can go a long way!

22 – FOUNDATIONS: Empty foundations (whether spammed in an area, single foundations placed randomly, or several foundations together with no progress made on the build) can be removed by admins after 72 hours from the start of a season. Empty rafts and abandoned dinghies will also be removed. Admins will continue to remove these foundations and rafts without notice as the season progresses.

23 – Auto-turrets may be used on the outside of a building; however, if you are in a high traffic area, you should have the range and warning set to accommodate this. If you build a base out of the way from people, use your best judgment on warnings and range.

  • If you normally have warnings and low range turrets but are under attack, you may take the warning off and increase the range.

24 – You may not build in or block off any rad town.



The image above is the PVP zone for the current map on the RUST server.

25 – The designated PVP zone is a KOS (Kill on Sight) area. You can engage in PVP without RP interaction inside of this area.

  • Access your map via the “G” key in game to see the area in the image above.
  • Upon leaving the zone, you are still subject to PvP for the next 15 minutes. This is in place for when you are engaged in PVP and if some one runs out of the zone to flee, it’s not an automatic get away free situation.
  • Do not block the zone off.
  • Building inside or around the zone makes your base open to full raiding. You can fully destroy bases inside or bordering the PVP zone. You can use rockets in the PVP zone against bases. You can also claim bases in the PVP zone via the permission cabinets.


The admins have the final say in any situation, and all rules are subject to change. When the admins review a situation, more than one opinion is used.