Tides of Terror


TwitchRP’s Tides of Terror

Gideon Slipsail never wanted a life of piracy, it found him. A humble fisherman returned home to find his land and house burnt and destroyed, his loving wife, Victoria, dead. Her charred hand still gripping a rifle in a final act of defiance to whomever her attackers were. In his grief he took to the sea to accept his death in anyway the deep would offer it. On the 7th day, as thirst and hunger began to slowly take his life, his raft was overtaken by pirates and he was given a very simple proposition, join or die. Horrified at first, Gideon soon found himself accustomed to his new way life, and the darkest parts of him began to love the violence. The theft. The power.

Isle of Bonita – 1632

Gideon pillaged the lands, and his thirst for gold and power grew insatiable. As Gideon became more cutthroat, so did his crew. From the Redwoods forest to the Northern snow mountains, when men saw his sails, they prayed. Using his riches, Gideon ordered construction of The Retribution, the largest, most heavily armed ship ever seen. Her guns reducing fortresses to rubble in minutes. Her crew taking what they wanted and who they wanted from the broken corpses that remained. Soon his fleet and crew expanded. First the Frigate Executor, and then the Battleship Silence, and numerous sloops, but all paled in comparison to Retribution. The Islands, and the seas surrounding them were his, and his alone. But there were some things in these lands that not even Gideon could control.

Deep in an ancient cave on a hunt for even more riches, Gideon found ancient Runes. A remnant of a time long past, and coursing with power. Gideon in his arrogance, greed, and even grief, attempted to manipulate the Runes and bend them to his will. First to give him riches and a vast, limitless treasure to fill his home and his ship’s holds. Next he forced the Runes to blend the lines between the dead and the living. To bring his precious Victoria back. This is when his ignorance of the ancient Runes was manifested.

For meddling and disrespecting such powers that he did not understand, the Artifacts punished him. Before his very eyes his mighty pristine fleet became twisted and black husks. Their sturdy oaken sides becoming dark and burnt, their beautiful flax sails taking the form of ripped and singed sinew. Gideon and his crew themselves witnessed the very flesh fall from their bones and their souls seep from their bodies. Gideon had meddled with powers far more ancient and terrible than him, and had paid the price for it. Gideon and his Black Fleet were banished to the far north on an empty burnt island.

As a final jest to Gideon and his men, the runes forced them into immobile life. Their bodies of bone standing ever vigil over the treasure they so desperately desired, but being unable to move, act or speak. Driven to madness in cold, conscious silence. Subjected to sail no more, but still live with their treasure that now had no meaning with them as for now they desired the one thing they had always taken from others, life itself.

This was centuries ago, and as is the way with all things, even the power of the Ancient Runes has begun to waver. The Black Fleet has been rumoured to sail again, manned by ghastly undead crews. Still protecting their ancient and vast treasure. All those who sail to the burnt island of the north do not return. Will you assist in preparing the islands for defence against The Black Fleet? Will you venture into the unknown north to find them? Or will you forge your own path, leaving the struggles of the islands behind you? You decide. This is where your story begins.

The last known sighting of The Retribution

This lore has been written with the season events in mind. There will be three spread out over the course of this season, you can find the info on them in the Discord. This is however a Halloween season and you can follow your own story however you feel. On behalf of the ARK Admin team we hope you enjoy the season.