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Twitch RP Next is a major content update for the Twitch RP GTA server. It comes with a completely overhauled user interface and content update. This is going to take GTA RP to the next level and enhance our communities already amazing stories.

Twitch RP Next launches on Friday, February 19th at 12pm EST.

Yes there is going to be a full server wipe and memory wipe.

This means that you will recreate your characters from scratch in the character creator and everyone will start at a similar position.

We will be providing every player with a starter apartment and starter car to help the initial grind so you can get right into RP if you wish.

– There will be a time skip of 6 months and a full memory wipe.

– You can remember all of your characters experiences, but not who. I.E: . Jimmy Donovan murdering 13 people with the Bad Omens. This could be remembered (If you choose to do so) as a charismatic biker in your past who murdered 13 people in the city with a motorcycle gang. Don’t remember the person, the gang or who was murdered without permission of those people on an OOC level.

– You can choose to remember stories/experiences with certain characters if you have an OOC agreement. Don’t do an awkward dance IC trying to see if you are both going to remember the same thing you must DM the other person. IE: Remembering a characters romantic relationship, or that they’re in a gang.

– You cannot choose what someone can remember for a full group. IE: Messaging Fingle Dan for an incident involving him, doesn’t allow you to remember the experiences with every other member of his crew for that situation.

– You can remember self contained story lines with an agreement – IE: Tony Rico and the Kellogg’s might choose to remember their history + experiences. They won’t be able to remember the conflicts/incidents they had with people outside of each other, but remember that the events happen.

– Your stories aren’t going away if you don’t want them too, they’re still there but they’re now part of your character background.

– Gangs are cautioned heavily against falling into old boys club alliances – we had a gang meeting and if we see this happening we will take swift action as an admin team.

– Gangs can remember slow burn conflict with another gang with a mutual agreement, but should drop all RP around alliances of any form. Treat RPing with other gangs and building relationships as a new experience.

– Consider making a new character. It’s a rewarding experience on it’s own.

– While many people could be trusted with a partial memory wipe or conflict wipe, most of our community would simply fall into old habits. We have 4 years of history without a memory wipe and we needed to take action to help hit a reset.

– Take this as an opportunity as a fresh take on RP, an opportunity to break out of your comfort zone and get a fresh start and outlook on your character.

– This helps save so many characters tainted by the toxic culture of being labelled a snitch, gang hopper and other character fatigue that plagues the server on long time characters.

– If you have purchased license plates – I will make a channel in the coming days where you can neatly list how many license plates you have purchased (We will check this) and the cars you STILL POSSESS that you changed the license plates on. 

– We will not be re-redeeming license plates purchased and used on cars you have sold or don’t own any longer. 

– Phone Numbers vouchers will still be able to be redeemed without further work required.

You may bring back characters you have perma’d. Permadeath can be a great story device but you have to make sure it’s what you want. Don’t get caught up in the perma train, it can have long lasting regret.