Getting Started in our GTA RP Server


Getting Started in our GTA RP Server

We launched a GTA RP server! Here’s a quick primer to get you started.

How To Apply

It’s a whitelist server and we run the community through Discord. Join the Discord server here.

To apply to the GTA server, hit the Apply button at the top of this page or go here and link your Steam and Discord accounts to the website. Please ensure that the Discord account you link is the same as the one you used to join our server.

Once your application is approved, you’ll get an email and a bunch of new GTA chat channels like #gta-general will appear in the Discord.

You’ll need Grand Theft Auto V on PC and the FiveM mod to play.

Installing FiveM:

  1. Go to
  2. Hit “Download Client”
  3. Copy the downloaded .exe file to your preferred install location (currently requires ~650MB of space)
  4. Run it and select your GTA 5 install directory when prompted (If you use Steam, right-click on the game, Properties > Local Files > Browse local files to check your directory)

Congratulations! You’re good to go!


FiveM will automatically download everything required to play on TwitchRP’s GTA server.

That said, you may want to install the FiveM Streetmap mod that puts streetnames on the map. Very handy if you’re playing a taxi driver, EMS or similar jobs.

Check the ReadMe file in the download for installation instructions.

Server Rules

You are expected to know and abide by all the server rules listed here.

Getting started

Character selection:
Press B (or whatever key is bound to Point At) to pull out your phone. This will give you a bunch of commands including the ability to choose character models and customise your features. Don’t forget to save!

Emotes: These are also now accessed through the B/Point At command under Animations.

Exiting a menu: This depends on the menu you’re in. In most menus you use backspace while in others you press the button that brought up the menu. Usually E or G or B.

Controller support: This is not yet fully implemented. You can generally play with a controller but some D-pad buttons overlap with some of our custom RP commands.

Death: Your character goes into a coma once it is gravely injured. You are given two options at this point. You can respawn by hitting X or press E to call an ambulance. It will only allow you to call an ambulance if an EMS is in service. If you do respawn you will lose all of your money. This means you need to start using the banking system!

Note that the EMS will be sent to your point of death so if you die in a car, please try not to travel too far.

Banking: You can deposit money in the banks, not at ATMs. Withdrawals can be made at banks and ATMs.

Banks can only be robbed if there are 2 or more cops on duty. (Sometimes this malfunctions. Please do not abuse this system.)

Employment: You’ll spawn outside the employment center. Everyone gets a passive income for being logged on but employees get more. Certain jobs like taxi driver and EMS can also spawn job vehicles at their respective offices.

Head inside the employment center and press H to bring up the jobs menu. Before you leave the employment center, press H again to close it or you’ll be stuck with the menu open on your screen.

ID Cards: Head to City Hall to set up your ID card.

Job Info

  • Cop. Cops are appointed by an admin. When you get whitelisted, you’ll see an application form linked in the Discord server. Cops can take weapons away from criminals and drag handcuffed players. If your weapons are confiscated, you’ll need to report to the Police HQ to get them back.
  • EMS You can spawn an ambulance at Hospital HQ and drive to comatose people that summon Emergency Services. EMS dispatch messages will appear above your map. Press Y to accept the call. Stand near someone in a coma and press E to revive them.

    You may only use /heal [player ID] if you’re at an incapacitated person and the primary EMS system is failing. Equally, only accept EMS jobs if you intend to actually heal the downed player. This is a role-play feature, not a race.

  • Fireman There is no fire station at the moment, coming soon.
  • Garbage Man Go find a garbage truck for now.
  • Mail Deliverer: Find the Mail Offices on the map
  • News Crew: You can spawn news vans at the News Offices located on the map. Use the /News channel to broadcast news messages to everyone
  • Tow Trucker: You can tow vehicles for the cops. Take the job at the employment office and then head to the Tow Truck office to spawn the tow truck. Left CTRL and SHIFT control the hook. Please use the /ad channel to let the cops know you’re available.
  • Trucker There are trucking offices on the map. Go there, press Enter to choose a trucking job and hop in. The trailer will automatically link to your cab when they are close together so when you reach your destination you may need to drive forwards slightly while detaching it.
  • Taxi Driver There are taxi offices on the map where you can spawn taxis and limos for NPC missions. Players and drivers can use in-game /taxi chat channel to discuss pickup.

    For player payment, press Z to see a list of online users and check for your user ID number listed next to your name. Players can pay you by typing /pay userID Fee. e.g. if my current player ID is 6 and the drive was $1,000 they would type /pay 6 1000.

    To do NPC missions, press the DEL key and drive around looking for green dots on the mini-map that represent jobs. To stop doing NPC missions, get out of the cab and walk a short distance away.


Check your local keybind for bringing up the chat menu. The GTA V default is T.

  • Global channels: /ooc (out of character) /ad (for advertising) /taxi (calling a taxi).
    Please restrict /ad broadcasts to actual advertisements.
  • News broadcasts: /news is to be used by people with the news job only
  • Call the cops: /911 goes out to active police officers. If you receive a 911 call then use /dispatch [player ID] to respond.
  • Local channels: /me /do and default chat will only be seen m your local area.
  • Private messaging: /pm userID. As with payment, you can get the user ID by pressing Z or see it floating above their heads. Remember that user ID changes every time you log in.

More Info

For the full rules, how to get personal vehicles and other such info, please check the TwitchRP Discord GTA channels.